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Traditional Country EZX

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The Traditional Country EZX comes with a stellar collection of drums recorded at the Quonset Hut Studio, the first-ever recording studio on the now world-famous Music Row in Nashville
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Before there was a Music City and a Music Row, there was the Quonset Hut. Welcome to the studio that helped shape the sound of country music as we know it.

The Traditional Country EZX comes with a stellar collection of drums recorded at the Quonset Hut Studio, the first-ever recording studio on the now world-famous Music Row in Nashville, TN. The first incarnation was opened to the public in 1955 before it was ultimately sold to Columbia and operated under the name of Columbia Studio B until it closed in 1982. Today, it serves as a recording classroom for the Belmont University. However, its legacy lives on vicariously through the iconic music of pioneering artists such as Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, all of whom cut timeless songs at “The Hut”. With the guidance of original players, staff, drawings and notes from the era, producer Glenn Rosenstein and master engineer Jeff Balding were able to accurately replicate the sound of an authentic 1950s session. The drums include two late ‘50s and early ‘60s sets by Rogers and Ludwig as well as a truly unique Apollo MIJ kit, all captured with period-correct gear and saturated by the inimitable magic of the studio that played one of the most influential roles in shaping the Nashville country music sound.

With the Traditional Country EZX, you walk in the footsteps of those that blazed trails for what country music is today. Those who helped weave the cultural fabric of Nashville and made Music Row the undisputed creative hub for songwriters, artists and the country music industry as a whole.


• Two (2) kits sampled with sticks (Rogers, Ludwig)
• One (1) kit sampled with sticks and brushes (Apollo)
• Three (3) additional snare drums
• Recorded at the legendary Quonset Hut Studios in Nashville, TN
• Engineered to replicate a late 1950s session
• Includes a selection of drum MIDI grooves


Meet the recording team and get a look of what happened behind the scenes during the Traditional Country EZX sessions at the Quonset Hut Studio in Nashville, TN.


Learn the ins and outs of the Traditional Country EZX for EZdrummer 2, recorded at the Quonset Hut – the first-ever studio on the now world-famous Music Row in Nashville, TN.


One day’s worth of tweaking and fine-tuning for the Traditional Country EZX session at The Quonset Hut compressed to a one-minute timelapse.


These drums are indicative of what many call the “golden era” of Rogers drums. Even though this kit would have been right at home in many musical styles of that time, it became very popular in both big band and country music of that era.

I tuned this kit pretty straight forward to what might have be considered “common” at that time. It has a very full and wide open sort of tone that played perfectly in The Quonset Hut room. The toms have a nice balance of both bounce and ring, while the kick drum has some nice presence and just enough depth to give it the weight you’d want it to have in a mix. The snare is crisp, defined and round – almost the perfect compliment to any recording scenario, then or now. All in all, I think we captured a perfect sonic specimen of an iconic drum kit.


Before we had hand-built kits and custom options to last a lifetime, most drum sets, as an instrument, were very utilitarian. In the early days of the recording studio, many drummers just played what was “around”. As a result, many kits heard on classic recordings were made out of pieces never intended to go together or let alone comprise the notion of a traditional “drum kit”.

Since the premise of this session was extreme in terms of being period correct, we wanted to put together a drum set with this narrative in mind. So, this kit is an amalgamation of converted marching drums (kick and snare) combined with an actual “kit” floor tom. The end-result is a truly one-of-a-kind kit that really resonated beautifully in The Quonset Hut room. We also decided to capture this kit with brushes as a nice contrast to the brushed Apollo MIJ kit.


This kit was the “wild card” of the recording. When we set it up and I played it it the room, though, it was immediately one of the favorites of everyone involved.

With the advent and growing popularity of television, kids all over the world were starting to see and hear music and artists in ways they never had before. This was the fuel for manufacturers of musical instruments to boost production to attempt to meet demand. Apollo was a Japanese instrument manufacturer (MIJ stands for Made in Japan) that rode this new wave of musical ambitions right into the American marketplace and homes all across the country.

I tuned these drums fairly tight and dry. The nature of the shells being more than likely a combination of different woods, and varying qualities of wood as well, meant that the head selection and tuning were going to be crucial to keeping the kit sounding like one instrument as opposed to a random collection of drums. The results are startling…what we captured is a very dry, very focused sounding drum set. All of the drums in this kit have a very pleasing attack with just enough sustain and decay. This makes them an ideal choice for denser mixes where sonic real estate is at a premium. The focus and clarity of this kit also made it an ideal candidate to record with brushes, which we also did.


Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Part # TT339
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Platform Hybrid (Mac and PC)
Manufacturer TOONTRACK


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