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Action EZX

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When Fiction Meets Reality. A seamless dissolve between fiction and reality, classic and modern, organic and electronic. Welcome to a bottomless well of sound.
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A seamless dissolve between fiction and reality, classic and modern, organic and electronic. Welcome to a bottomless well of sound.

The Action EZX presents a fusion of orchestral percussion, sound effects, custom foley and classic drum machine sounds, designed for use in any creative context where beat, groove and tone are allowed to transcend the traditional confines. In addition to classic orchestral instruments like timpani, tamtam and timbale, it also captures one-of-a-kind foleyrisersclapssnapsdrops and layered textures of sound never before heard all intuitively blended, mixed, matched and saturated with various effects in creative hybrid kits. All in all, in excess of 450 individual percussive sounds are presented and used in the more than 21 mix-ready kit configurations included.

This is the perfect percussive montage for ambient soundscapes, creative sound design and any cutting-edge music production an open landscape of sound, putting you in the director’s chair with a seemingly endless sonic depth of field, enabling you to create literally any percussive motif you can imagine. Welcome to let loose your creative self in a seamless dissolve between fiction and reality, classic and modern, organic and electronic.

  • Orchestral and traditional percussion
  • Acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds
  • Percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements
  • Ideal for soundtracks and creative sound design
  • More than 450 individual instruments/sounds in total
  • 21 mix-ready presets
  • A selection of MIDI grooves included

The Presets

The Action! EZX comes with 21 mix-ready presets, involving complex sound design and a mix of instruments.

Deep Holes
It won’t get much deeper than this. Enormous low-pitched toms, dark crashes and strange percussion in the midst of it all. This entire kit sounds like a bottomless well! And the texture pads emit sounds as from a creature dwelling deep in that well.

A straight-forward kit. The big toms are in this case accompanied by the large mix of classic 808s and interesting textures.

This kit is probably what it would sound like if you were chased in the jungle! The toms are really jungle-flavored.

Nails of Glass
A different and lighter kit with a lot of shorter sounds from different types of glass. It’s a good kit for tingling tension and mysterious settings.

Orchestral is just what it sounds like; a kit with huge and ambient orchestral drums. It also has some great non-orchestral sounds on the textures, electronic and percussion pads to mix it up.

Apocalypse is one of the more sinister-sounding kits. Ominous, raw and somewhat creepy, created with a dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi scene in mind.

Big Toms
Big Toms is another more orchestrally oriented kit with more focus on the grand scale on the texture and percussion spots. This kit is huge and sounds massive no matter what you are triggering.

This kit sounds like it came straight out of the hot forge. Sledgehammers, anvils, scrap metal, gun shells. A sound design-heavy kit with a rough attitude.

Ignite is relative to Blacksmith with a similar style and sound palette, but the feel of the kit is quite different. Think fires, flames and lit fuses!

Broken, disturbing, distorted. Breakdown is a mix of field recordings, pitched hiss and scrap-hits.

Big, hard and heavy! This kit is, maybe not surprisingly, sounding very metallic. 

This kit is a fine example of a mix between a great variety of sources and sounds – and a proof that if you take the right sounds, you can mix almost anything to create an interesting kit!

Old Skool
This one differs from the very heavy action-packed kits, it’s more of a retro kit. Good old electronic sounds with some fun artifacts in the mix.

Almost all of the sounds here were actually recorded outdoors in very low temperatures. The kit just sounds very, very cold and barren.

Playful Waters
This kit is definitely playful but it also fills an entirely different role than any of the other kits. And it sounds fun!

Rim Play
This was first an all-out side sticks and rimshot type of preset, but it gradually evolved into something with a more varied palette – keeping the vibe with a very short and rim-like sound, though.

This one has that true intense, action feel and was designed with any beat or audio scene in mind that calls for an energetic percussion pulse.

Strange People
This kit is weird, plain and simple. Super weird, actually – but in a good way! Have you heard the sound those toms make? Try this kit if you want an interesting and different sound to spice things up.

Tone Ritual
This one makes a lot of different notes. It’s interesting, magical and refreshing but very tonal, so you may have to tune some pads if you try adding this kit to a song previously written.

A versatile thematic kit with a very tribal sound to all pads.

Wood Hut
Sounds like the inside and outside of a cabin located on a lonesome field or deep in the forest.

Instrument List


Boot Kick
Clay Kick
Cold Kick
Cold Porch Kick
Deep Hole Kick
Deep Kick
Deep Tribal Kick
Deeper Kick
Electronic Kick 1
Electronic Kick 2
Electronic Kick 3
Farkosten TR-808 Kick
Frozen Hall Kick
Glass Kick
Metal Container Kick
Minimal MD Kick
Modular Kick 1
Modular Kick 2
Modular Kick 3
Modular Kick 4
Modular Kick 5
Modular Kick 6
Modular Kick 7
Modular Kick 8
Modular Kick 9
Norway Kick
Orchestral Bass Drum
Orchestral Big Bass Drum
Porch Kick
R-808 Kick
Short Deep Kick
Snappy Kick
Snow Kick
TB-303 Classic Kick
Thump Kick
TR-707 Clean Kick
Tribal Kick 1
Tribal Kick 2
Tribal Kick 3
Tribal Kick Head
Tribal Soft Kick
Warm Kick
Wood Knock 


Deep Snare
Farkosten TR-808 Snare
Frozen Apple Snare
Glass Snare
Gravel Snare
Norway Snare
R-808 Snare
Scrape Snare
Orchestral Snare
Snow Snare
Snow Step Snare 1
Snow Step Snare 2
SPTR 1208 Snare
White Industrial Snare
White Snare 


Cold Stick
Glass Rim 1
Glass Rim 2
Ice Tap
Light Wood Stick
Orchestral Snare Rim
Orchestral Snare Sidestick
Orchestral Tom 1 Rim
Orchestral Tom 2 Rim
Orchestral Tom 3 Rim
Orchestral Tom 4 Rim
R-808 Rim
SPTR 1207 Rim
Stick Puncher
Wood Rim
Wood Stick Slap 


BTS Tom 1
Elements 1 Tom 1
Elements 2 Tom 1
Norway Tom 1
Orchestral Tom 1
TR-808 1
Timbale 1 


BTS Tom 2
Elements 1 Tom 2
Elements 2 Tom 2
Norway Tom 2
Orchestral Tom 2
TR-808 2
Timbale 2 


BTS Tom 3
Elements 1 Tom 3
Elements 2 Tom 3
Norway Tom 3
Orchestral Tom 3
TR-808 3
Timpani Eb Mute 


BTS Tom 4
Elements 1 Tom 4
Elements 2 Tom 4
Norway Tom 4
Orchestral Tom 4
TR-808 4
Timpani Eb Open 


Norway Crash 1
Norway Crash 2
Orchestral Crash 1
Orchestral Crash 2
Orchestral Tam-Tam
Snow White Noise
SPTR 1209 Crash
TR-909 Crash


Glass Bell Shot
Orchestral Ride
Orchestral Ride Bell
Orchestral Tam-Tam Ride 


Electronic Hats 1
Electronic Hats 2
Electronic Hats 3
Electronic Hats 4
Electronic Hats 5
Electronic 1
Electronic 2
Electronic 3
Electronic 4
Electronic 5
Electronic 6
Electronic 7
Electronic 8
Electronic 9
Electronic 10
Electronic 11
Electronic 12
Electronic 13
Electronic 14
Electronic 15
Electronic 16
Electronic 17
Electronic 18
Electronic 19
Electronic 20
Electronic 21
Electronic 22
Electronic 23
Electronic 24
Electronic 25
Electronic 26
Electronic 27
Electronic 28
Electronic 29
Electronic 30
Electronic 31
Electronic 32
Electronic 33
Electronic 34
Electronic 35
R-808 Hats 


Bag Snap
Beat Tap
Bell Glass
Bongo 1 Finger
Bongo 1 Open Hit
Bongo 1 Slap
Bongo 1 Thumb
Bongo 2 Finger
Bongo 2 Open
Bongo 2 Slap
Bongo 2 Thumb
Broken Kick
Cajon Bass
Cajon Open Finger
Cajon Pitch Bend
Cajon Slap
Cajon Slide Tone
Candle Cloth Bag
Clay Balls
Cold Cage Kick
Conga 1 Finger
Conga 1 Open
Conga 1 Slap
Conga 2 Finger
Conga 2 Open
Conga 2 Slap
Conga 3 Finger
Conga 3 Open
Conga 3 Slap
Dark Clap
Djembe 1 Finger
Djembe 1 Open
Djembe 1 Slap
Djembe 2 Finger
Djembe 2 Open
Djembe 2 Slap
Djembe 2 Thumb
Drag Chains
Electronic Perc
Fat Zipper
First Knock
Foot Stomp
Frozen Dog
Frozen Hi-Hat 1
Frozen Hi-Hat 2
Glass Bag 1
Glass Bag 2
Glass Bag 3
Glass Bag 4
Glass Bag 5
Glass Breaker
Glass Candle
Glass Flick
Glass Rattle Hit
Glass Triangle
Grain Shaker 1
Grain Shaker 2
Ice Candle
Ice Droplet
Icy Glass
Icy Hat
Perfect Tap
R-808 Hi-Tom
R-808 Lo-Tom
Rattle Hit 1
Rattle Hit 2
Second Knock
Short Zap
Small Ice Tap
Snare Ruffs
Snow Saw
Snow Scratch
Stepping Flam
Strange Gnarl
Tea Cup
Third Knock
Tiny Drops of Water
Tribal Squeak Kick
Vinyl Perc
Vinyl Snap
Washboard Hit
Washboard Long
Washboard Shake
Washboard Strike
Water Droplet
Whipped Tap
Wood Plank Clap
Wood Step 1
Wood Step 2
Wood Tap 1
Wood Tap 2
Wood Tap 3
Wood Tap 4
Wood Tap 5
Wood Tap 6
Wood Tap 7
Wood Tap 8


Big Dog Crunch
Bold Crunch
Box of Small Metal
Candles of Glass 1
Candles of Glass 2
Cold Crunch
Copper Scraps
Copper Trash
Creak Crunch
Dark Creak
Dark Glass Clave
Deep Snow Crunch
Double Window Pane
Dropped Screw
Felt Stick Window 1
Felt Stick Window 2
Felt Stick Window 3
Fine Glass Single
Fine Open Glass
Flam Rattle Scrape
Glass and Stone 1
Glass and Stone 2
Glass and Stone 3
Glass Clam
Glass Clave
Glass Lid
Glass Lock
Glass Squeak 1
Glass Squeak 2
Glass Squeak 3
Glass Squeak 4
Glass Squeak 5
Glass Squeak 6
Glass Squeak 7
Glass Squeak 8
Glass Wobble
Hammer and Nail
Heavy Bag of Glass
Huge Container 1
Huge Container 2
Huge Container 3
Huge Container 4
Iron Trash
Knock on Metal
Lantern 1
Lantern 2
Large Container 1
Large Container 2
Large Container 3
Large Container 4
Large Rattle 1
Large Rattle 2
Large Rattle 3
Large Rattle 4
Large Rattle 5
Large Rattle 6
Medium Container
Medium Size Anvil
Medium Window 1
Medium Window 2
Medium Window 3
Metal Anvil Hit 1
Metal Anvil Hit 2
Metal Anvil Hit 3
Metal Beam Hit 1
Metal Beam Hit 2
Metal Container 1
Metal Container 2
Metal Container 3
Metal Different
Metal Gun Shells
Metal High Pitch
Metal Large
Metal Machine
Metal Medium 1
Metal Medium 2
Metal Medium 3
Metal Medium 4
Metal Pipe
Metal Plate Hit
Metal Plates 1
Metal Plates 2
Metal Small
Metal Small Rumble
Metal Splash
Metal Trash
Mid Creak
Odd Gong
Pneumatic Metal
Rattle Clank
Rattle Crunch
Robot Clap
Scrap Anvil
Scrap Metal
Scrappy Gong
Screwdriver Head
Shaker Stick Lantern
Sledge Hammer
Small Anvil
Small Container
Small Metal Box
Small Metal Pipe
Snow Creak 1
Snow Creak 2
Snow Crunch 1
Snow Crunch 2
Snow Foot Crunch
Splash Glass
Steel Barrel 1
Steel Barrel 2
Steel Barrel 3
Steel Hits
Sword Clash
Tingle Glass
Tinkerer’s Toolbox 1
Tinkerer’s Toolbox 2
Tiny Drops of Glass
Titanium Scrape
Trash and Scraps
Water Glass Drum
Wet Snow Crunch
Window Knock
Window Lantern
Window Pane
Wine Glass Hit 1
Wine Glass Hit 2
Wine Glass Hit 3
Wine Glass Hit 4
Wine Glass Hit 5
Wine Glass Hit 6
Wine Glass Hit 7
Wine Glass Hit 8
Wine Glass Hit 9
Wine Glass Hit 10
Wine Glass Hit 11
Wine Glass Long Ring 1
Wine Glass Long Ring 2
Wine Glass Long Ring 3
Wine Glass Long Ring 4
Wine Glass Reso
Wine Glass Short
Wood Creak
Wood Shelf
Wood Snow Squeak
Workbench Hit
Wrench Hit


Cold Wind
Goat Hooves
Ominous Presence
Orchestral Tam-Tam Bow Scrape
Orchestral Tam-Tam Coin Scrape
Orchestral Tam-Tam FX 1
Orchestral Tam-Tam FX 2
Reverse Snow Bass
Whip Creak 


Blue Noise
Broken Clap 1
Broken Clap 2
Cold Clap
Cold Hands
Cold Robot Clap
Crisp Snow Clap
Cupped Claps
Foot Clap
Heavy Gloves Clap
Ice Crack
Mutant Clap
Natural Clap
Open Claps
Snow Bass Clap
TR-808 Clap
Typewriter Clap
White Branches
White Clap 


Daft Snap
Electric Snap
Finger Snap
High Heels
Hole Puncher 


Hard Flame Shake
Ice Shake
Metal Shaker 1
Metal Shaker 2
Short Winter Shaker
Snow Brush
Snow Shaker 


Drag Swoosh
Rumble and Rise
Rise 1
Rise 2
Rise 3
Rise 4
Rise 5 


Drop 1
Drop 2
Drop 3
Drop 4
Drop 5
Drop 6
Drop 7
Drop 8
Drop 9
Drop 10
Drop 11
Drop 12
Drop 13
Drop 14
Drop 15
Drop 16
Drop 17
Drop 18



Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Part # TT421SN
UPC 825810004211
Platform Hybrid (Mac and PC)
Manufacturer TOONTRACK
System Requirements (Windows)
  • 1 GB free disk space, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • A working EZdrummer 2.1.7 or Superior Drummer 3.1.2 (or above) installation.
System Requirements (Mac)
  • 1 GB free disk space, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • A working EZdrummer 2.1.7 or Superior Drummer 3.1.2 (or above) installation.


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