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The Ultimate Collection Of Classical Guitar Music, Volume 1 & 2

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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.
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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.

This set includes:
Classical Guitar Music, Volume 1
This unique and unparalleled collection brings together virtually the complete solo guitar music of Mauro Giuliani and Fernando Sor, as well as works by J.S. Bach and Nicolo Paganini
Added feature: composer biographies and relevant articles from the 1911 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians 1600+ pages.

Classical Guitar Music, Volume 2
This extensive and unparalleled collection makes available several hundred works for solo guitar by such 19th century masters as Aguado, Arcas, Carcassi, Coste, Granados, Mertz, Molino, Regondi, and Tarrega; as well as music by Chopin and Diabelli

Added feature: composer biographies and relevant articles from the 1911 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians 1600+ pages.

Classical Guitar Music, Volume 1 - Contents:
6 Transcriptions for Guitar
Bourée in E Minor
Prelude in D Minor
Courante in A Major
Gavotte from Violin Sonata No. 6 in E Major
Saraband in E Minor
Saraband in B Minor

18 Progressive Exercises, Op. 51
24 Exercises, Op. 48
6 Progressive Lessons, Op. 139
Etudes Instructives, Op. 100 (Cadences, Caprices, Rondos and Preludes)

Giulianate, Op. 148 (1-8)

Guitar Works, Group 1
Allegro cantabile from Il Pirata (Bellini), WoO (Version 1)
Allegro cantabile from Il Pirata (Bellini), WoO (Version 2)
Allegro moderato from L'Esule di Roma (Donizetti), WoO
Amusemens, Op. 10
10 Bagatelles, Op. 73
The Barber of Seville (Rossini), Op. 16 (Various pieces from the Ballet)

Guitar Works, Group 10
6 Preludes, Op. 83
6 Progressive Rondos, Op. 14
New Rondo, Op. 5 (Imitating the Bells of Bologna)
Rondongino brillante, WoO
3 Rondos, Op. 3
3 Rondos, Op. 8
3 Rondos, Op. 17

Guitar Works, Group 11
Sonata, Op. 15
3 Sonatinas, Op. 71
Tengo più di trentun' anni, Op. 147b
The Terpsichore of the North, Op. 147

Guitar Works, Group 12
Theme and 8 Variations, Op. 6
Theme with Variations, Op. 9
Variations on a Savoyard Theme, WoO
Variations, Op. posth
6 Variations, Op. 2
6 Variations on Nel cor più non mi sento, Op. 4
6 Variations on a theme from Die feindlichen Volksstämme, Op. 7
6 Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 20
6 Variations, Op. 34

Guitar Works, Group 13
6 Variations on the Aria a Schisserl und a Reindl, Op. 38
6 Variations on Folies d'Espagne, Op. 45
6 Variations on I bin a Kohlbauern Bub, Op. 49
6 Variations on an Original Russian Theme, Op. 60
6 Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 62
6 Variations on Poschaluite Sudarina, Op. 64
8 Variations on a Duet from Jeannot et Colin, Op. 72
Variations on a Theme from Tancredi, Op. 87
Variations on a Theme from La Sentinelle, Op. 91
Variations on Ich bin liederlich - Du bist liederlich, Op. 97

Guitar Works, Group 14
Variations on Deh! Calma, o ciel, Op. 101
Variations on a Favorite Waltz, Op. 103
Variations on a Favorite Theme Partant pour la Syrie, Op. 104
Variations on a Theme from Ruhm und Liebe, Op. 105
Variations on a Theme of Handel, Op. 107
Variations on a March by Cherubini, Op. 110
6 Variations, Op. 112
4 Variations on Oh! Cara memoria, Op. 114

Guitar Works, Group 15
6 Variations, Op. 118
6 Variations on an Irish Narional Air, Op. 125
Variations on a Theme of Pacini, Op. 128
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 140
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 145, Op. 141
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 142
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 143
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 144
4 Variations and Finale on a Neopolitan Theme, Op. 145

Guitar Works, Group 16
Variations and Finale, Op. 70 (from the Third Guitar Concerto)
Les Variétés Amusantes, Op. 43 (Dépôt de pièces faciles)
Les Variétés Amusantes, Op. 54 (Recueil de pieces faciles)
12 New Wald-Ländler, Op. 23
12 Waltzes, Op. 90, Op. 21
12 Waltzes, Op. 57
12 Waltzes, Op. 90

Guitar Works, Group 2
La Caccia, Op. 109 (Grand Rondo)
Caprice, Op. 11
Cavatina from Il Pirata (Bellini), WoO
Cavatina from L'Esule di Roma (Donizetti), WoO
La Cenerentola, Overture (Rossini), WoO

Guitar Works, Group 3
Divertissements, Op. 29
12 Divertimenti, Op. 37
12 Divertimenti, Op. 40
12 Divertimenti, Op. 56
4 Divertimenti, Op. 78
5 Divertimenti, Op. 106

Guitar Works, Group 4
Easy Pieces, Op. 59
3 Easy Sonatas, Op. 96
6 Easy Variations, Op. 32
12 Easy Variations on the Austrian National Anthem, Op. 47
8 Easy Pieces, Op. 98
12 Ecossaises, Op. 33

Guitar Works, Group 5
2nd Fantasy on Themes of Rossini, Op. 123 (Rossiniana, Part 5)
3 Favorite Themes, WoO
4 Favorite Themes, WoO
Fughetta, Op. 113

Guitar Works, Group 6
Grand Overture, Op. 61
Grand Sonata Eroica, Op. 150
Grand Variations on a Theme from Fanchon, Op. 88

Guitar Works, Group 7
Introduction and Variations on Das ist alles eins, ob wir Geld haben, oder keins, Op. 99
Introduction and Variations on Nume perdonami, se in tal instante, Op. 102
Introduction, 12 Waltzes and Finale,
12 Ländler, Op. 44
6 Ländler, 6 Waltzes and 6 Ecossaises, Op. 58
4 Marches, WoO
3 Marches,
12 Monferrine, Op. 12

Guitar Works, Group 8
14 National Dances, Op. 24
Niaiserie d'Enfant varié, Op. 41
Le Ore d'Apollo, Op. 111
Le Papillon, Op. 50
10 Pieces Named After Flowers, Op. 46 (Le Bouquet Emblématique)

Guitar Works, Group 9
Potpourri No. 1, Op. 18
Potpourri No. 2, Op. 26
Potpourri No. 3, Op. 28
Potpourri No. 4, Op. 42
(Grand) Potpourri No. 3, Op. 31
Potpourri Nazionale Romano, Op. 108

Le Rossiniane
Part 1, Op. 119
Part 2, Op. 120
Part 3, Op. 121
Part 4, Op. 122
Rossiniana, Part 6, Op. 124
6 Scottish Songs, WoO

Semiramide (Rossini), Part I
Trio: La dal Gange
Quartet: Di tanti regi e popoli
Cavatina: Ah, quel giorno
Duet: Bella immago degli Dei
Bel raggio lusinghier
Duet: Serbami ognor si fido il cor

Semiramide (Rossini), Part II
Seconda Marcia
Quintet and Finale: Giuri ognun
Duet: Se la vita
In si barbara sciagura
Deh ti arresta
Preghiera: Al mio pregar t'arrendi
Trio: L'usato ardir
Chorus: Vieni Arsace

Studio per la Chitarra, Op. 1
Thematic Catalog and Explanation of Symbols

26 Pieces for the Guitar

Grand Sonata for Guitar and Piano (Guitar/Piano Score)
Guitar/Piano Score
Violin Part

24 Easy Studies, Op. 35

24 Progressive Lessons, Op. 31

Complete Method for the Guitar
Part I
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
26 Etudes

Guitar Works, Group 1
Les Adieux, Op. 21
Aria and Variations
6 Bagatelles, Op. 43 (Mes Ennuis)
Le Calme, Op. 50 (Caprice)
La Candeur
Concert Piece, Op. 54

Guitar Works, Group 2
6 Divertimentos, Op. 1
6 Divertimentos, Op. 2
6 Divertimentos, Op. 8
6 Divertimentos, Op. 13
Divertimento No. 5, Op. 23
Est-ce bien ça?, Op. 48 (6 Pieces)

Guitar Works, Group 3
Fantasia No. 1, Op. 4 (for the Spanish Guitar)
Fantasia No. 2, Op. 7
Fantasia No. 3, Op. 10
Fantasia No. 4, Op. 12
Fantasia (No. 7) and Variations, Op. 30
Fantasie villageoise, Op. 52
Fantasia, Op. 58
Fantasie élégiaque, Op. 59

Guitar Works, Group 4
Folies d'Espagne and Minuet, Op. 15a
Grand Solo, Op. 14
Introduction and Variations on Que ne suis-je la fourgère, Op. 26
Introduction and Variations on Gentil Housard, Op. 27
Introduction and Variations on Malbroug, Op. 28
Introduction and Variations on a Scottish Air, Op. 40
6 Little Pieces, Op. 5
8 Little Pieces, Op. 23
6 Little Pieces, Op. 32
6 Little Pieces, Op. 42

Guitar Works, Group 5
24 Little Pieces, Op. 44
6 Little Pieces (Progressive), Op. 47
March from Cinderella
4 Minuets
3 Pièces de Société, Op. 33
3 Pièces de Société, Op. 36

Guitar Works, Group 6
Sérénade, Op. 37
Grand Sonata, Op. 22
Sonata No. 2, Op. 15b
Grand Sonata No. 2, Op. 25
Souvenir d'amitié, Op. 46 (Fantasie)

Guitar Works, Group 7
Souvenirs d'une Soirée , Op. 56
Theme and Variations, Op. 3
Theme and Variations, Op. 15c
Theme and Variations
Theme and Variations, Op. 20
2 Themes, Variations and 12 Minuets, Op. 11
6 Themes from The Magic Flute, Op. 19

Guitar Works, Group 8
Variations on a Theme of Mozart, Op. 9 (from The Magic Flute)
Variations on Nel cor più non mi sento, Op. 16
Voyons si c'est çà, Op. 45 (6 Easy Little Pieces)
6 Waltzes, Op. 17
6 Waltzes, Op. 18
6 Waltzes, Op. 51 (À la bonne heure)
6 Waltzes and a Galop, Op. 57

Introduction to the Etude, Op. 60

12 Studies, Op. 6
12 Studies, Op. 29

Classical Guitar Music, Volume 2 - Contents:

Coleccion de Estudios para la Guitarra

La Guitare (text in French) (Tripodison ou fixateur)

Nuevo Metodo de Guitarra (text in Spanish), Op. 6
Part 1
Part 2
Forward to Aguado Works
10 Andantes
8 Country Dances, Op. 8
10 Country Dances, Op. 9
8 Easy Waltzes, Op. 7
10 Easy Little Pieces, Op. 14
9 Easy Pieces, Op. 13
Exercises, Op. 10
Fandango, Op. 16
10 Favorite Country Dances, Op. 11
Gran Solo de Sor
Introduction, Theme and Variations
6 Little Pieces, Op. 4
8 Little Pieces, Op. 3, Op. 3
Menuet affandangado (with variations), Op. 15
6 Minuets
3 Rondo Brillants, Op. 2
Variaciones Brillantes
6 Waltzes (Muestra de afecto y reconocimiento)
12 Waltzes, Op. 1
12 Waltzes, March, Theme and Variations
14 Waltzes in 3 Parts
14 Waltzes in 4 Parts
17 Waltzes in 2 Parts
38 Caracteristic Waltzes

Nuevo Metodo de Guitarra (text in Spanish), Op. 6
Andante and Study
Il Bacio (Waltz of Arditi)
Un Ballo in Maschera Fantasy (Verdi)
Barber of Seville (Rossini) (Theme from the Opera)
La Batalla (Fantasia Descriptiva)
La Cubana (Danza Americana)
El Delirio (Fantasy)
Fantasía sobre motivos heterogéneos
Fantasy on Themes from La Traviata (Verdi)
Faust Fantasy
La Favorita Fantasy
Gaetana (Mazurka de Keterer)
El Incognito (Capriccio)
Jota Aragonesa
Lucia de Lammermoor (Donizetti) (Final Scene and Aria)
El Madrileño
Manuelito (Waltz)
Marcha Funebre de Thalberg
Marina (Theme from the Zarzuela)
Marta (Flotow) (Sinfonia de la Opera )
Minuet in E Minor
Minuet in G Major
Mi Segunda Epoca
Norma (Sinfonia de Bellini)
Los Panaderos
Polish Fantasy
Polonaise in G Major
Prelude from the opera William Tell
Prelude in D Major
El Postillon de la Rioja
Punto de la Habana (Fantasia sobre el paño o sea)
Rigoletto Fantasy for 2 Guitars (Verdi)
La Rubia de los Lunares (Americana de Iradier (for 1 and 2 Guitars))
La Saltarina (Polka Mazurka)
Sueño de Rosellen
Tanda de Valses
5 Tangos
Il Trovatore (Verdi) (Aria and Miserere)
Variations on a theme of Sor
Visperas Sicilianas (Melody and Bolero)

6 Caprices, Op. 26
Melodic and progressive etudes, Op. 60

Method for Guitar, Part 1
Elementary Principle of Music
Preliminary Instructions
Exercises 1st Position
The Barre

Method for Guitar, Part 2

The Gruppetto
Advanced Studies
Di Provena Il Mar
Peruvian Air
Spanish Dance

Piano Preludes Op. 28, transcribed
Prelude No. 1
Prelude No. 4
Prelude No. 6
Prelude No. 7
Prelude No. 20
Prelude No. 14
Prelude No. 15
Prelude No. 11

25 Etudes de Genre, Op. 38
Fantasy sur un Motif du ballet D'Armide, Op. 4
Fantasy on Themes from Norma (Bellini), Op. 16
16 Favorite Waltzes (Strauss, Johann), Op. 7
Feuilles d'Automne (12 Waltzes) Op. 41
Funeral March and Rondo, Op. 43
Grand Sérénade, Op. 30

Piano Preludes Op. 28, transcribed
Adagio and Divertissments, Op. 50
Andante and Minuet, Op. 39
Andante and Polonaise (Souvenirs du Jura) Op. 44
La Cachucha, Op. 13
Chasse des Sylphes, Op. 29
Concert Fantasy, Op. 6
Concert Rondo, Op. 12
Le Départ, Op. 31
Divagation (Fantasy) Op. 45
Divertissement sur Lucia di Lamermoor (Donizetti), Op. 9

The Guitarist's Golden Book (Suite of Pieces and Fragments) Op. 52

4 Marches and 6 Preludes, Op. 48, 49
Mazurka, Op. 33
6 Original Pieces, Op. 53
2 Quadrilles, Op. 3
Passage des Alpes (Trilogy) Op. 27, 28, 40
Récréation du Guitariste (14 Pieces) Op. 51
La Romanesca
La Ronde de Mai, Op. 42
La Source du Lyson (Fantasy) Op. 47
Souvenirs, Book 1
Souvenirs, Book 2
Souvenirs de Flandres (March, 4 Waltzes and a Rondo) Op. 5
Le Tournoi, Op. 15
Valse favorite (Morceau de bravoure) Op. 46
Variations and Finale (Air de la Famille Suisse) Op. 2

The Guitarist's Golden Book (Suite of Pieces and Fragments) Op. 52
5 Easy Recital Pieces, Op. 39
18 Pieces for Guitar and Piano (Guitar/Piano Score)
18 Pieces for Guitar and Piano (Guitar Parts)

12 Spanish Dances
Andaluza O Playera
Rondalla Aragonesa

Bardenklänge, Books 1-7, Op. 13
An Malvina
An die Entfernte
Variations Mignonnes

Bardenklänge, Books 8-15, Op. 13
Lied ohne Worte
Polonaise Favorites Nos. 1-7
Walzer in Landlerstyl
Agathe, Op. 22, No. 1
Das Blümlein, Op. 34
Glockentöne, Op. 24, No. 1
3 Nocturnes, Op. 4

Preludes for the guitar

Preludes for the guitar
Air Varié No. 1, Op. 21
Air Varié No. 2, Op. 22
Fête Villageoise (Rondo Caprice) Op. 20
Introduction and Caprice, Op. 23
Nocturne, Op. 19

Preludes for the guitar
Study on a Fugue of Bach
Study on a Fragment of Schumann
Study (Prudent)
Study on a Theme from La Traviata (Verdi)
Study in A Major
Study in A Major
Study on Cramer
Study in the Form of a Minuet
Adeiu (Schubert)
Adelita! (Mazurka )
L' Africana (Meyerbeer)
Allegretto (Beethoven) (from Symphony No. 7)
Andante (Beethoven) (from Sonata No. 9)
Andante (Haydn)
Andantino cantabile (Schumann)
Ase's Death (Grieg) (from Peer Gynt)
Au Soir (Schumann) (from Op. 12)
Berceuse (Schumann)
Canzonetta (Mendelssohn)
Capricho Árabe (Serenade)
The Carnival of Venice (Grand Variations)
La Cartagenera (on Popular Themes)
Celebre Minueto (Bolzoni)
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 4
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 6
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 7
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 20
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15
Mazurka, Op. 38, No. 4
Nocturne, Op. 2, No. 9
Chorale (Handel)
El Columpio
Dance of the Sylphs (Berlioz) Version 1 (from The Damnation of Faust)
Dance of the Sylphs (Berlioz) Version 2 (from The Damnation of Faust)
Danza Odalisca
Danza Mora
Endecha-Oremus (2 Preludes)
Estudio Brillante (Alard)
Feuilles Variees (Schumann)
Fugetta (Schumann)
Fugue (Schumann)
Fugue (Bach) (from Violin Sonata No. 1)
Funeral March (Beethoven) (from Sonata No. 12)
Grande serenade (Albeniz)
Gran Vals
Las Dos Hermanitas 2 Waltzes
Improvisation (Prudent)
Isabel (J. Strauss II) (Waltz)
Jota on Popular Themes
Lagrima (Prelude)
Litanai (Schumann)
Largo (Beethoven) (from Sonata, Op. 7)
Largo assai
Loure (Bach)
Malagueña (Easy)
Marcha del Rey (Bizet) (from L'Arlesienne)
Maria (Gavotte)
Marieta! (Mazurka )
La Mariposa (Study)
Mazurka No. 22 (Chopin)
Mefistofele (Boito)
Minuet in D Major (Handel) Version 1
Minuet in D Major (Handel) Version 2
Minuet in D Major (Haydn)
Minuet (Schubert) (from Fantasy, Op. 78)
Minuet in E Major
Minuet (Mozart)
Minuet (Mozart)
2 Minuets (Beethoven, Haydn)
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
La Paloma
Pepita (Polka Mazurka)
El Pobre Valbuena (Japanese Polka)
12 Preludes for Guitar
Prelude in A Minor
Prelude on a Theme of Mendelssohn
El Ratón (Tango de la Cadera)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Romance-Barcarolle (Mendelssohn)
Romance (Schumann, Op. 51)
Romanza sin palabras No. 6 (Mendelssohn)
Rosita (Polka)
Saint Nicolas (Schumann)
Scherzo (Beethoven) (from Sonata, Op. 2)
Sonata (Beethoven) (from Op. 13)
Sonata II (Bach)
Staccato (Grieg)
Sueño (Mazurka )
Sueño! (Study on the Tremolo)
Sueño del inocente (Bizet) (from "La Arlesienne")
Suspiro de Amor (Henselt)
Tango (Tolsa)
Tannhäuser March (Wagner)
Tannhäuser Prelude (Wagner)
Tema y Estudio de Concierto (Thalberg)
Variation (Beethoven)
El viajero solitario (Grieg)
Waltz Op. 34, No. 2 (Chopin)
Las Dos Hermanitas (Waltz)

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Product Details

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Manufacturer CD SHEET MUSIC
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System Requirements (Mac) - Version 7.5 and higher


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