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Russian And Eastern European Piano Music: Ultimate Collection Part 1 & 2

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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.
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CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world.

This set includes:

Russian & Eastern European Piano Music Part 1
An extensive and unparalleled collection of over 570 works for solo and duo piano (including concerto reductions) by both familiar and lesser-known 19th century Russian and Eastern European composers. Composers include: Balakirev, Borodin, Dussek, Dvorák (Slavonic Dances), Janácek (Zdenka Variations), Moszkowski, Mussorgsky (20 works including Pictures at an Exhibition), Rimsky-Korsakov (Sheherezade arranged by composer for four hands), Rubinstein, Scharwenka, Scriabin (over 50 works), Smetana (over 30 works), Tchaikovsky (over 30 works including solo and four hands versions of 3 major ballets) 4000+ pages.

Russian & Eastern European Piano Music Part 2
This unique and unparalleled collection brings together early 20th century (pre-1923) music for solo piano, piano duet, and piano four-hands by Russian and Eastern European composers, including both familiar and lesser-known works. Composers include: Bartók (over 200 solo works), Martinu, Paderewski (Minuet in G), Prokofiev (two pieces from The Love for Three Oranges transcribed by the composer), Rachmaninoff (Etudes-tableaux, Op. 33 & 39; Piano Concertos, Nos. 1, 2, 3), Stravinsky (Three Movements from Petrouchka), and Szymanowski 2000+ pages.

Russian & Eastern European Piano Music Part 1 - Contents:

Islamey, Oriental Fantasy (Second version)
Nocturne No. 3
Scherzo No. 2 in Bb Minor

Petite Suite
I. Au Couvent
II. Intermezzo
III. Mazurka I
IV. Mazurka II
V. Sérénade
VI. Nocturne
VII. Rêverie
VIII. Scherzo

Partant pour la Syrie, Theme and Variations
Six Sonatinas, Op. 20
Sonatina in G Major
Sonatina in F Major
Sonatina in A Major
Sonatina in C Major
Sonatina in C Major
Sonatina in Eb Major
Sonata in Ab Major' Op. 70, Le retour à Paris

Dumka, Op. 35
Furianty in D Major, Op. 42, No. 1
Humoresques, Op. 101
1. Eb Minor
2. B Major
3. Ab Major
4. F Major
5. A Minor
6. B Major
7. Gb Major
8. Bb Minor
Legends, Op. 59 (Piano, Four Hands)
No. 1 in D Minor
No. 2 in G Major
No. 3 in G Minor
No. 4 in C Major
No. 5 in Ab Major
No. 6 in C# Minor
No. 7 in A Major
No. 8 in F Major
No. 9 in D Major
No. 10 in Bb Minor
Mazurkas, Op. 56
No. 1 in Ab Major
No. 2 in C Major
No. 3 in Bb Major
No. 4 in D Minor
No. 5 in F Major
No. 6 in B Minor
Piano Concerto in G Minor, Op. 33 (Solo Piano)
Piano Pieces, Op. 52
1. Impromptu
2. Intermezzo
3. Gigue
4. Eclogue
5. Allegro Molto
6. Tempo di marcia
Poetic Tone Pictures, Op. 85
1. Twilight Way
2. Toying
3. In the Old Castle
4. Spring Song
5. Peasant Ballad
6. Reverie
7. Furiant
8. Goblins' Dance
9. Serenade
10. Bacchanalia
11. Tittle-tattle
12. At a Hero's Grave
13. On the Holy Mountain
Polka in D Minor, Op. 39, No. 2
Polka in E Major
Scottish Dances, Op. 41 (Skotsé Tance)
Silhouettes, Op. 8
1. C# Minor
2. Db Major
3. Db Major
4. F# Minor
5. F# Minor
6. Bb Major
7. B Minor
8. B Minor
9. B Major
10. E Minor
11. A Major
12. C# Minor
Slavonic Dances, Op. 46, Series I, Books I/II (Piano, Four Hands)
No. 1 in C Major
No. 2 in E Minor
No. 3 in Ab Major
No. 4 in F Major
No. 5 in A Major
No. 6 in D Major
No. 7 in C Minor
No. 8 in G Minor
Slavonic Dances, Op. 72, Series II, Books I/II (Piano, Four Hands)
No. 1 in B Major
No. 2 in E Minor
No. 3 in F Major
No. 4 in Db Major
No. 5 in Bb Minor
No. 6 in Bb Major
No. 7 in C Major
No. 8 in Ab Major
Theme and Variations in Ab Major, Op. 36
Two Minuets (Menuety)
I Ab Major
II F Major
Two Pieces
Waltzes, Op. 54
Waltz in A Major
Waltz in A Minor
Waltz in E Major
Waltz in Db Major
Waltz in G Minor
Waltz in F Major
Waltz in D Minor
Waltz in Eb Major

Collected Moravian Dances
9. Sekerecka
14. Korycanský
12. Celadenský
11. Konope
8. Holubicka
22. Celadenský II
4. Kukacka
1. Troják
2. Silnice
3. Tetka
5. Trojky
6. Starodávný
7. Kalamajka
10. Rožek
13. Kožušek
15. Kyjový
16. Valaška
17. Sedlácká
18. Do kola
19. Troják lašský
20. Požehnaný
21. Kolo
23. Polky
Fifteen Moravian Folksongs
In The Mists (V mlhách)
Po zarostlém chodnícku (On the Overgrown Path), Book I
9. V pláci
3. Pojdte s námi!
1. Naše vecery
5. Štebetaly jak laštovicky
10. Sýcek neodetel
2. Lístek odvanutý
4. Frýdecká panna Maria
6. Nelze domluvit!
7. Dobrou noc!
8. Tak neskonale úzko
Po zarostlém chodnícku (On the Overgrown Path), Book II (1-4)
Sonata 1.X.1905
The Presentiment (Predtucha)
The Death (Smrt)
Theme and Variations (Zdenka Variations)

Capriccio Español, Op. 37
En Automne, Op. 36, No. 4
Étincelles, Op. 36, No. 6
Fifteen Études de Virtuosité, Op. 72
No. 1 in E Major
No. 2 in G Minor
No. 3 in G Major
No. 4 in C Major
No. 5 in C Major
No. 6 in F Major
No. 7 in Eb Major
No. 8 in C Major
No. 9 in D Minor
No. 10 in C Major
No. 11 in Ab Major
No. 12 in Db Major
No. 13 in Ab Minor
No. 14 in C Minor
No. 15 in B Major
Guitarre, Op. 45, No. 2
Krakowiak in G Major, Op. 55, No. 4
La Jongleuse, Op. 52, No. 4
Piano Concerto in E Major, Op. 59
Serenata, Op. 15, No. 1
Siciliano, Op. 42, No. 2
Six Pieces, Op. 31
Valsé Melancolique
Spanish Dances, Op. 12 (Piano, Four Hands)
V. Bolero
Spanish Dances, Op. 12 (Solo piano)
V. Bolero
Three Arabesques, Op. 61

Ein Kinderscherz (Early version)
Ein Kinderscherz (Later version)
From Memories of Childhood
1. Nurse and I
2. First Punishment: Nurse Shuts Me in a Dark Room
From The Fair at Sorochintsy
1. Fair Scene
2. Hopak (Early Version)
3. Hopak (Later Version)
Impromptu passioné (Early version)
Impromptu passioné (Later version)
In the Village
Intermezzo in Modo Classico (Early version)
Intermezzo in Modo Classico (Later version)
La capricieuse
Near the Southern Shore of the Crimea
On the Southern Shore of the Crimea
Pictures at an Exhibition
1. Gnome
2. The Old Castle
3. Tuileries (Children quarreling after play)
4. The Oxcart (Bydlo)
5. Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells
6. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle (Two Polish Jews: one rich, the other poor)
7. The Market Place in Limoges (Big News)
8. Catacombs (Sepulcrum Romanum)
Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua (With the dead in a dead language)
9. The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga's Hut)
10. The Great Gate of Kiev
Rêverie (Duma)
Scherzo in C# Minor (Early version)
Scherzo in C# Minor (Later version)
Sonata in C Major (Piano, Four Hands)
I. Allegro assai
II. Scherzo
Souvenir d'Enfance
The Seamstress (Scherzino)
Une larme

Allegretto in C Major
Capriccio Espagnole, Op. 34
I. Alborada
II. Variazioni
III. Alborada
IV. Scena e Canto gitano
V. Fandango asturiano
Four Pieces, Op. 11
Fugue in G Minor
Little Song
Mazurka , Op. 38, No. 2
Piano Concerto in C# Minor, Op. 30
Prelude in G Major
Prelude-impromptu, Op. 38, No. 1
Sheherezade, Op. 35 (Piano, Four Hands , arranged by the composer), Part I
Sheherezade, Op. 35 (Piano, Four Hands , arranged by the composer), Part II
Six Variations on B-A-C-H, Op. 10
Theme and Variations (collaboration with several other Russian composers)
Three Pieces, Op. 15

Akrostichon No. 2, Op. 114, No. 2
Barcarolle in F Minor, Op. 30, No. 1
Barcarolle in G Minor, Op. 50, No. 3
Étude in Db Major, Op. 1, No. 1 (Ondine)
Impromptu in Eb Major, Op. 75, No. 4
Impromptu in G Major, Op. 44, No. 4
Kamennïy-ostrov, Op. 10, No. 22
Lezghinka, Op. 82, No. 1
Marche Orientale, Op. 93bis
Mazurka (Pologne), Op. 82, No. 4
Melody in F, Op. 3, No. 1
Nocturne in Gb Major, Op. 28, No. 1
Polonaise in Eb Minor, Op. 118, No. 6
Romance in Eb Major, Op. 44, No. 1
Romance in F Major, Op. 26, No. 1
Scherzo, Op. 44, No. 2
Valse, Op. 93bis

Barcarolle in E Minor, Op. 14
Impromptu in D Major, Op. 17
Polish National Dances, Op. 3 (excerpts)
1. Eb Minor
2. F# Minor
6. C# Minor
9. B Minor
Polonaise in F Minor, Op. 42
Staccato Étude, Op. 27, No. 3

Allegro appassionato, Op. 4
Allegro de Concert, Op. 18
Eight Études, Op. 42
Fantasie, Op. 28
Feuillet d'album, Op. 58
Five Préludes, Op. 15
Five Préludes, Op. 16
Five Préludes, Op. 74
Four Pieces, Op. 51
1. Fragilité
2. Prelude
3. Poème ailé
4. Danse languide
Four Pieces, Op. 56
1. Prelude
2. Ironies
3. Nuances
4. Etude
Four Préludes, Op. 22
Four Préludes, Op. 31
Four Préludes, Op. 33
Four Préludes, Op. 37
Four Préludes, Op. 39
Four Préludes, Op. 48
Nine Mazurkas, Op. 25
Piano Concerto, Op. 20
Piano Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 6
Piano Sonata No. 10, Op. 70
Piano Sonata No. 2 in G# Minor, Op. 19 (Sonata-fantaisie)
Piano Sonata No. 3 in F# Minor, Op. 23
Piano Sonata No. 4 in F# Major, Op. 30
Piano Sonata No. 5, Op. 53
Piano Sonata No. 6 , Op. 62
Piano Sonata No. 7, Op. 64 ("White Mass")
Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 66
Piano Sonata No. 9, Op. 68 ("Black Mass")
Poème Satanique, Op. 36
Poème tragique, Op. 34
Poème, Op. 41
Poème, Vers la flamme, Op. 72
Poème-Nocturne, Op. 61
Polonaise, Op. 21
Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9
Prelude for the Left Hand, C# Minor, Op. 9, No. 1
Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9, No. 2
Quasi-valse, Op. 47
Scherzo, Op. 46
Seven Préludes, Op. 17
Six Préludes, Op. 13
Ten Mazurkas, Op. 3
Three études, Op. 65
Three Pieces, Op. 2
1. Etude
2. Prelude
3. Impromptu à la Mazur
Three Pieces, Op. 45
1. Feuillet d'album
2. Poème fantaque
3. Prelude
Three Pieces, Op. 49
1. Etude
2. Prelude
3. Rêverie
Three Pieces, Op. 52
1. Poème
2. Enigme
3. Poème languide
Three Préludes, Op. 35
Twelve études, Op. 8
Twenty-Four Préludes, Op. 11
Two Dances, Op. 73
1. Guirlandes
2. Flammes sombres
Two Impromptus à la Mazur, Op. 7
Two Impromptus, Op. 10
Two Impromptus, Op. 12
Two Impromptus, Op. 14
Two Mazurkas, Op. 40
Two Nocturnes, Op. 5
Two pieces, Op. 57
1. Désir
2. Caresse dansée
Two pieces, Op. 59
1. Poème
2. Prelude
Two Poèmes, Op. 32
Two Poèmes, Op. 44
Two Poèmes, Op. 63
1. Masque
2. Etrangeté
Two Poèmes, Op. 69
Two Poèmes, Op. 71
Two Préludes, Op. 27
Two Préludes, Op. 67
Valse, Op. 1
Valse, Op. 38

Album Leaves, Op. 2
Prélude in C Major
Chanson in A Minor
Album Leaf in G Major (Vivace)
Album Leaf in E Minor (Allegro Commodo)
Album Leaf in D Major (Moderato)
Album Leaf in B Minor (Andante ma non troppo)
Bettina Polka
Book II
5. Cibulicka (The Little Onion)
10. Skocná
4. Medved (The Bear)
8. Obkrocák (Stepping Dance)
2. Slepicka (The Little Hen)
1. Furiant in A Minor
3. Oves (Oats)
6. Dupák
7. Hulán (The Uhlan)
9. Sousedská (Peasant Dance)
Czech Dances, Book I
1. Polka in F# Minor
2. Polka in A Minor
3. Polka in F Major
4. Polka in Bb Major
Das Brautpaar (Ženich a nevesta)
Das Hochzeitsfest: der Tanz (Svatební veselí: tanec)
Das Schäfermädchen (Pastýrka)
Der Hochzeitszug (Svatební pruvod)
Der Krieger (Válecník)
Die Sehnsucht (Touha)
Die Verzweiflung (V Zoufalství)
Erwachende Leidenschaft (Vznnikající vášen)
Georgina Polka
Im Walde (V lese)
L' Amour (from Bagatelles et Impromptus)
L'Idylle (from Sketches)
L'Innocence (from Bagatelles et Impromptus)
La fête des paysans bohémiens, Op. 6, No. 6 (The festival of Bohemian peasants)
Louisina Polka
Paysage aimable (from Sketches)
Polka in E Minor, Op. 12, No. 2 (from: Souvenir de Bohême en forme de polkas)
Polka in E Minor, Op. 13, No. 1 (from: Souvenir de Bohême en forme de polkas)
Polka in Eb Major, Op. 13, No. 2 (from: Souvenir de Bohême en forme de polkas)
Polka in Eb Major, Op. 8, No. 1
Polka in Eb Major, Op. posth.
Polka in G Major (Venkovanka)
Polka in G Minor, Op. 8, No. 2
Six Pieces Op. 1 (Šest charakteristických skladeb)
Sonata in G Minor
III Scherzo
Souvenir (from Sketches)
Trois Polkas de Salon, Op. 7
Two Pieces
Pochod Pražké Studentské Legie (March of the Prague Student Legion)
Pochod Národní Gardy (National Guard March)
Two Widows Polka (arr. Masló)
Waltz No. 1 in C Minor
Waltz No. 2 in Ab Major
Waltz No. 3 in Eb Major
Waltz No. 4 in C Minor
Waltz No. 5 in Ab Major
Wedding Scenes (Svatební Scény)

Album for the Young, Op. 39 (after Schumann)
Morning prayer
Winter morning
The little horseman
March of the wooden soldiers
The new doll
The sick doll
The doll's burial
Russian Song
Peasant prelude
Folk song
Italian song
Old French song
German song
Neopolitan song
The nurse's tale
The witch
Sweet dream
Song of the lark
In church
The hurdy-gurdy man
Andante Cantabile (from String Quartet, Op. 11)
Aveu Passioné
Capriccio, Op. 8
Dumka, Op. 59, Scène rustique Russe
Eighteen Pieces, Op. 72
1. Impromptu in F Minor
2. Berceuse
3. Tendres reproches
4. Danse charactéristique
5. Méditation
6. Mazurque pour danser
7. Polacca de concert
8. Dialogue
9. Un poco di Schumann
10. Scherzo-fantaisie
11. Valse bluette
12. L'espiègle
13. Echo rustique
14. Chant élégiaque
15. Un poco di Chopin
16. Valse à cinq temps
17. Passé lointain
18. Scène dansante (invitation au trépak)
Grand Sonata in G Major, Op. 37
III Scherzo
IV Finale
Impromptu in Ab Major
Military March (for the Yurevsky Regiment)
Piano Concerto No. 1 in Bb Minor, Op. 23
I. Andante non troppo e molto maestoso
II. Andantino semplice
III. Allegro con fuoco
Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Major, Op. 44
Romance in F Minor, Op. 5
Scherzo à la Russe, Op. 1, No. 1
Six Pieces on One Theme, Op. 21
1. Prélude
2. Fugue à 4 voix
3. Impromptu
4. Marche funèbre
5. Mazurque
6. Scherzo
Six Pieces, Op. 19 (Excerpts)
1. Rêverie du soir
3. Feuillet d'album
4. Nocturne
6. Thème original et variations
Six Pieces, Op. 51
1. Valse de salon
2. Polka peu dansante
3. Menuetto scherzoso
4a. Nathalie-valse (Early version)
4b. Nathalie-valse (Later version)
5. Romance in F Major
6. Valse sentimentale
Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66
1. Marche
2. Scène Dansante
3. Pas des six
4. Finale
Act I
5. Scène
6. Valse
7. Scène
8. Pas d'action
9. Finale
Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66, Act II
Act II
10. Entr'acte et Scène
11. Colin-Maillard
12. Scène
13. Farandole
14. Scène
15. Pas d'action
16. Scène
17. Panorama
18. Entr'acte
19. Entr'acte symphonique (Le Sommeil) et scène
20. Finale
21. Marche
22. Polacca
23. Pas de Quatre
24. Pas de Caractère
25. Pas de Quatre
26. Pas de Caractère
27. Pas Berrichon
28. Pas de Deux
29. Sarabande
30. Finale
Souvenir de Hapsal, Op. 2
1. Ruines d'un château
2. Scherzo
3. Chant sans paroles
Swan Lake, Op. 20
Act I
1. Scène
3. Scène
4. Pas de trois
5. Pas de deux
6. Pas d'action
7. Sujet
8. Danse de coupes
9. Finale
Act II
10. Scène
11. Scène
12. Scène
13. Danse des cygnes
14. Scène
Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act III
16. Danses du corps de ballet et des nains
17. Scène: la sortie des invitèe et la valse
18. Scène
19. Pas de six
20. Danse hongroise Czardas
21. Danse éspagnole
22. Danse napolitaine
23. Mazurka
24. Scène
Act IV
25. Entr'acte
26. Scène
27. Danses des petits cygnes
28. Scène
29. Scène finale
Pas de deux
Danse russe
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (Piano, Four Hands)
Overture in Miniature
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
Russian Dance (Trepak)
Arabian Dance
Chinese Dance
Dance of the Flutes
Waltz of the Flowers
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (Solo Piano)
Overture in Miniature
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
Russian Dance (Trepak)
Arabian Dance
Chinese Dance
Dance of the Flutes
Waltz of the Flowers
The Nutcracker, Op. 71
Act I
Tableau I
1. Scène
2. Marche
3. Petit galopsdes enfants et entrèe des parents
4. Scène dansante
5. Scène
6. Scène
7. Scène
Tableau II
8. Scène
9. Valse des flocons de neige
The Nutcracker, Op. 71, Act II
Act II
10. Scène
11. Scène
12. Divertissement
13. Valse des fleurs
14. Pas de deux
15. Valse finale et apothéose
The Seasons, Op. 37a
January (By the fireside)
February (Carnival)
March (Song of the lark)
April (Snowdrop)
May (May Nights)
June (Barcarolle)
July (Song of the reaper)
August (The harvest)
September (The hunt)
October (Autumn song)
November (Troika)
December (Christmas)
Three Pieces, Op. 9
1. Rêverie
2. Polka de Salon
3. Mazurka de salon
Twelve Pieces, Op. 40 (excerpts)
2. Chanson triste
6. Song without words
9. Valse in F# Minor
10. Danse Russe
Two Pieces, Op. 10
1. Nocturne
2. Humoresque
Valse-scherzo No. 1, Op. 7
Valse-scherzo No. 2

Russian & Eastern European Piano Music Part 2 - Contents:

1. Step One

10. Folk Melody

11. Imitation

12. Country Song

Nos. 13-23

13. Follow Me

14. Simple Sentences

15. Bedtime (Folksong)

16. Menuetto

17. I Danced with a Pig

18. Are You Near?

19. Smooth Syncopations

2. Walking

20. I Vow To Thee

21. Farmer in the Dell

22. Vigorous Dance

23. Waltz

3. Little Invention

4. Conversation I

5. Conversation II

6. Ballade (theme with variations)

Old Dance Tunes (7-15)

6. Conversation III

7. In Steps Together

8. Long and Short

9. Brief Conversation

Allegro Barbaro

Eight Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op. 20


Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs

Four Old Tunes (1-4)

First Term at the Piano

Nos. 1-12

For Children

Book 1 (after Hungarian Folksongs)
1. Sweet as Sugar
2. Sunrise
3. Former Friends
4. Soft Tears
5. Former Friends
6. Country Dance
7. Flower Song
8. My Gift to You
9. Spring Dance
10. Exotic Flowers
11. Me and the Rain
12. Trip
13. Runaway Horse
14. To Cook a Goose
15. Hometown
16. Almost Innocent
17. The Young Bride
18. Sailors' Homecoming
19. At the Doboz Inn
20. Cheers!
21. Vigoroso
22. Doings in Debrecen
23. She Walks My Way
24. Water, Water Everywhere
25. Eve Eats an Apple
26. Dance with Me
27. Happy Dance
28. Mr. White Goes to Jail
29. Dinner at My House
30. Cock-a-doodle-doo
31. I Remember Mama
32. Wedding Day and Night
33. Light the Way to My Love
34. Evening Kiss
35. Old Maid
36. Absent is My Sweetheart
37. The Lovely Girls of Budapest
38. In a Good Mood
39. Insect Wedding
40. Peasant Prayer
41. Let's Elope!
42. The Swineherd's Dance
Book 2 (after Slovakian Folksongs)
1. All the Girls Will Marry
2. I Love Him From Afar
3. A Rose for My Beloved
4. Wedding Song
5. Bird in Flight
6. Rondo: The Old Witch's Sons
7. Song of the Rogue
8. Dance Song: The Lovers Bill and Coo
9. Childen's Song: The Blossom Unfolds
10. The Fallen Soldier
11. Sweetheart, Wait for Me
12. Oh, Mother-in-law!
13. A Swim in the River
14. Ploughing a Field
15. Slow Dance
16. Lamentoso
17. The Maid Chooses a Mate
18. Former Flame
19. Distant Lover
20. Stay Home, Hanulienka
21. A Funny Story
22. Country Festival
23. The Old Shepherd
24. The Pine Forest
25. Bird in Space
26. Little Scherzo
27. High Spirits
28. The Shepherd's Pipe
29. A Jest
30. Sad Tale
31. Canon
32. Young Love
33. Deep in the Forest
34. The Hidden House
35. Johnny is a Bully
36. Roses for my Sweetheart
37. On the Banks of the Danube
38. At Parting
39. The Highwayman
40. Sweet Summer Breeze
41. The Strong Farmer
42. Arioso Lamentoso
43. Remembrance
Four Dirges, Op. 9a
Four Pieces
1. Study for the Left Hand
2. Fantasy I
3. Fantasy II
4. Scherzo
Fourteen Bagatelles, Op. 6
13. Elle est morte
14. Valse: ma mie quie danse
Marche Funèbre (from Kossuth)
Rhapsody, Op. 1
Romanian Christmas Songs (Series I and II, appendices for concert use)
Series I
Series II
Romanian Folk Dances
1. Stick Dance
2. Brâul
3. In one spot
4. Dance from Buchum
5. Romanian polka
6. Fast dance
Seven Sketches, Op. 9b
1. Portrait of a Girl
2. See-Saw, Dickory-Daw
5. Romanian Folksong
6. In Wallachian style
1. Bagpipers
2. Bear Dance
3. Finale
Suite, Op. 14
Suite, Op. 15
Suite, Op. 16
Suite, Op. 17
Ten Easy Pieces
1. Peasant Song
2. Frustration
3. Slovakian Boys' Dance
4. Sostenuto
5. Evening in Transylvania
6. Hungarian Folksong
7. Dawn
8. Slovakian Folksong
9. Five-Finger Exercise
10. Bear Dance
Three Burlesques, Op. 8c
1. Quarrel
2. A little drunk
Three Etudes, Op. 18
Three Hungarian Folksongs from Csík
1. The Peacock
2. At the Jánoshida fairground
3. White Lily
Two Elegies, Op. 8b
Two Portraits, Op. 10
1. In bloom
2. Village Dance
Two Romanian Dances, Op. 8a

On the Farm
The Poor Rabbit
The Monkeys
The Chicken
The Angry Bear
Film En Miniature
1. Tango
2. Scherzo
3. Berceuse
4. Valse
5. Chanson
6. Carillon
Puppets (Loutky)
1. Kolumbína tancí
Book I
2. Nová loutka
3. Ostýchavá panenka
4. Pohádka
5. Tanec loutek
Book II
1. Loutkové divaldo
2. Harlekýn
3. Kolombína vzpomíná
4. Nemocná loutka
5. Kolumbína zpívá
Spring in the Garden
What Shall We Play Now? Tag?
I Think I Should Go To Sleep
Why Shouldn't We Play With Soldiers?
It Isn't Bad, Now Is It, To Pick Some Flowers

Caprice, Op. 14, No. 3
Chant d'Amour, Op. 10, No. 2
Cracovienne Fantastique, Op. 14, No. 6
Krakowiak in E Major, Op. 5, No. 1
Légende No. 1 in Ab Major, Op. 16, No. 1
Mélodie in B Major, Op. 8, No. 3
Minuet in G, Op. 14, No. 1
Nocturne in Bb Major, Op. 16, No. 4
Polonaise in B Major, Op. 9, No. 6
Classical Symphony, Op. 25
III. Gavotte
IV. Finale
Four Etudes, Op. 2
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
Four Pieces, Op. 3
1. Story
2. Jest
3. March
4. Phantom
Four Pieces, Op. 32
1. Dance
2. Minuet
3. Gavotte
4. Waltz
Four Pieces, Op. 4 (excerpts)
1. Reminiscences
4. Suggestion diabolique
Old Grandmother's Tales, Op. 31
Piano Concerto No. 1 in Db, Op. 10
Sarcasms, Op. 17
Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 1
Sonata No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 14
II. Scherzo
Sonata No. 3 in A Minor, Op. 28
Sonata No. 4 in C Minor, Op. 29
Ten Pieces, Op. 12
1. March
2. Gavotte
3. Rigaudon
4. Mazurka
5. Capriccio
6. Legenda
7. Prelude
8. Allemande
9. Humoresque scherzo
10. Scherzo
Toccata, Op. 11
Two Pieces from The Love for Three Oranges, Op. 33 (Transcribed by Prokofiev, Sergei)
1. March
2. Scherzo
Visions fugitives, Op. 22

Etudes-tableaux, Op. 33
1. F Minor
2. C Major
3. Eb Minor
4. Eb Major
5. G Minor
6. C# Minor
Etudes-tableaux, Op. 39
1. C Minor
2. A Minor
3. F# Minor
4. B Minor
5. Eb Minor
6. A Minor
7. C Minor
8. D Minor
9. D Major
Fantaisie-tableaux, Op. 5 (Suite No. 1 for Two Pianos)
I. Barcarolle
II. La Nuit . . . L'amour
III. Les Larmes
IV. Paques
Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3
Prélude in C# Minor
Moments Musicaux, Op. 16
No. 1 in Bb Minor
No. 2 in Eb Minor
No. 3 in B Minor
No. 4 in E Minor
No. 5 in Db Major
No. 6 in C Major
Morceaux de Salon, Op. 10
Nocturne in A Minor
Valse in A Major
Barcarolle in G Minor
Mélodie in E Minor
Humoresque in G Major
Romance in F Minor
Mazurka in Db Major
Piano Concerto No. 1 in F# Minor, Op. 1
Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18
I. Moderato
II. Adagio sostenuto
III. Allegro scherzando
Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30
I Allegro ma non tanto
II Intermezzo
III Finale
Six Duets, Op. 11 (Piano, Four Hands)
Barcarolle in G Minor
Scherzo in D Major
Thème Russe in B Minor
Romance in C Minor
Slava in C Major
Sonata No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 28
Sonata No. 2 in Bb Minor, Op. 36, (Original edition)
Suite No. 2, Op. 17 (For Two Pianos)
I. Introduction
II. Waltz
III. Romance
IV. Tarantella
Ten Preludes, Op. 23
I. F# Minor
II. Bb Major
III. D Minor
IV. D Major
V. G Minor
VI. Eb Major
VII. C Minor
VIII. Ab Major
IX. Eb Minor
X. Gb Major
Thirteen Preludes, Op. 32
I. C Major
II. Bb Minor
III. E Major
IV. E Minor
V. G Major
VI. F Minor
VII. F Major
VIII. A Minor
IX. A Major
X. B Minor
XI. B Major
XII. G# Minor
XIII. Db Major
Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op. 22, Chopin: Op. 28, No. 20

Five Easy Pieces (Piano, Four Hands)
1. Andante
2. Española
3. Balalaika
4. Napolitana
5. Galop
Les Cinq Doigts (8 mélodies très faciles sur 5 notes)
1. Andantino
2. Allegro
3. Allegretto
4. Larghetto
5. Moderato
6. Lento
7. Vivo
8. Pesante
Ragtime (Transcribed by the composer)
The Rite of Spring (Piano, Four Hands arranged by the composer)
Part I - The Adoration of the Earth
Augurs of Spring
Dance of the Young Maidens
The Ritual of Abduction
Spring Rounds
The Ritual of the Two Rival Tribes
Procession of the Elders
The Kiss of the Earth
Dance of the Earth
Part II
Mystic Circle of the Young Maidens
The Chosen One
Evocation of the Ancestors
Ritual of the Ancestors
Sacrificial Dance of the Chosen One (Danse Sacrale)
Three Easy Pieces (Piano, Four Hands)
1. March
2. Valse
3. Polka
Three Movements from Petrouchka (Transcribed by the composer)
I. Danse Russe (Russian Dance)
II. Chez Pétrouchka (Petrouchka's Room)
III. La semaine grasse (The Shrovetide fair)

Etudes, Op. 33
Four Études, Op. 4
Masques, Op. 34
I. Shéhérazade
II. Tantris le Bouffon
III. Sérénade de Don Juan
Métopes, Op. 29
1. L'île des Sirènes
2. Calypso
3. Nausicaa
Preludes, Op. 1
Sonata No. 2, Op. 21
Sonata No. 3, Op. 36
Variations on a Polish Folk Theme, Op. 10

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