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Piano Suite Premiere Scan & Play Edition

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Exclusive from Kelly's Music & Computers! Scan any sheet music into your computer using SmartScore Piano Edition and then learn to play it using Piano Suite Premiere!
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Exclusive from Kelly's Music & Computers! Scan any sheet music into your computer using SmartScore Piano Edition and then learn to play it using Piano Suite Premiere!

Now you can learn to play any music you want. Just scan it into SmartScore Piano Edition, save it as a MIDI file and load it into Piano Suite Premiere. Learn at your own pace, any time you want, all in the comfort of your home.

This bundle includes all of the great features of both SmartScore Piano Edition and Piano Suite Premiere:

Piano Suite Premiere

No matter what your age, Piano Suite will help you through the learning process with the help of an interactive voice tutor and provide continuous feedback on your playing until you master the piece.

With intuitive controls, speaking menus, extensive curriculum, composer/editor and successful teaching methods, Piano Suite is designed to suit beginners of all ages and to interact positively with personal lessons.

Includes: Piano Player: Supervised piano practice with brilliantly effective audio/visual feedback.

Library: 500+ pieces to play, practice and enjoy from Pop/Rock to Classical, from Folk to Jazz/Blues including 65 licensed songs. Each selection is beautifully illustrated and animation, lyrics and voice recordings bring the music to life.

Theory Thinker: Hundreds of professionally narrated, step by step theory lessons with practice exercises to teach notation, sight-reading and playing skills.

Composers Corner: A place to express your creativity. Compose, edit and print your own music. Pieces can be saved to a custom library and learned by others in the Piano Player.

Games: Exciting music related activities to reinforce lessons and increase skill. Personal Profile: Individual performance records let you or your instructor review your progress. Piano Suite can track results of every piece practiced or game played for any number of users.

History Happens: Fascinating biographies of famous composers and performers that have helped shape the history of music.

SmartScore Piano Edition

SmartScore Piano Edition is identical to the orchestral version of SmartScore except that it is limited to processing sheet music with one or two stafflines per system. Import 1 or 2-track MIDI files and instantly convert them into engraver-quality sheet music. MIDI sequencing and MIDI recording not included with the Piano Edition. Text and lyric recognition is not supported.

The perfect tool for the pianist, both professional and student. Audition piano arrangements within seconds. Print in new keys.

More Accuracy and More Ease-of-Use
- Scan and Forget. Includes easy-to-use scanning interface
- Automatic selection of proper resolution (dpi). Guesswork not required
- Fast, accurate music recognition engine
- More musical symbols recognized than any other scanning software
- Error Check instantly locates problem measures
- Contrapuntal voices instantly recognized and differentiated
- Most every pedal sign recognized

More Realistic Playback and Editing
- Repeats, dynamics, articulations and markings all apply to playback
- Assign MIDI instrument to parts and voices with a single click
- Automatic Drummer instantly adds rhythms based on style and beat
- Editor is designed for scanned music. “Smart” tools means less mousing
- MIDI editor includes familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event List
- Apply different MIDI instruments/volume to contrapuntal voices to hear complex inner voicings more clearly
- Arpeggios, glissandos are recognized and playback with remarkable accuracy

More Useful Tools
- Extract parts out of scores or combine parts into a conductor’s score
- Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo
- Transpose by key or by clef for diverse instruments
- Karaoke view with bouncing ball and moving lyrics
- Control layout, hidden parts, spacing, positioning and beam angles
- Create musical scores from preset templates or from imported MIDI files
- Create Audio-CDs from finished files. Save to PDF file format (Win only)

Project Window: Highly accurate recognition of contrapuntal voices and pedal markings make Piano Edition a valuable learning tool for any pianist. Arpeggios and glissandi are recognized with uncanny precision. Change playback properties of nearly every symbol with a single click. Save changes for a single symbol, all symbols or for all subsequent SmartScore files. Practice along at slow speeds without affecting pitch. Mute one hand or the other while practicing difficult passages.

Edit Shapes: Adjust beam angles and slur curves. Nudge notes horizontally. Relocate chord symbols, text

Select Drum Accompaniment: Automatically apply up to 30 up-to-date drum patterns to accompany your song. Or create your own to add to the library.

Create Drum Pattern: Create your own drum patterns from scratch to add to the accompaniment library.

Error Check: Let SmartScore find and locate mistakes, including ones made by the publishers!

MIDI View: Familiar piano roll, overview and MIDI event list give complete control over the underlying MIDI playback structure. Velocity and Tempo graphical controllers allow for smooth dynamic shading.

Karaoke View: Sing along with your friends to the moving lyrics and bouncing ball.

CD Writer (Win Only): Create audio CDs from SmartScore ENF files. Sort, restack and burn multiple songs onto CD. Great for practicing or just listening in your car.

Product Details

Product Details

Platform Windows Only
Manufacturer KELLYS MUSIC


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