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Musicreader PDF 4.0 Pro

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MusicReader is a complete digital sheet music library system that's compatible with Mac and PC computers. With MusicReader, you can store and instantly recall thousands of pieces, create custom playlists, annotate scores in digital ink, and turn pages in a variety of viewing options.
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iPad app included! Owners of MusicReader PDF 4 for Mac and Windows have the iPad release included. These users still have to pay in the AppStore due to restrictions by Apple. They can however request a refund for the costs of the iPad release in the AppStore from MusicReader.

MusicReader PDF 4.0 is innovative software that makes reading music easy and convenient. The digital music stand offers solutions for all kinds of problems musicians have with (paper) sheet music, both individually and in orchestras and ensembles. This includes easy page turning, a convenient music library and flexible annotation making. MusicReader also anticipates on the developments of sheet music offered online. Digital sheet music can easily be converted to MusicReader and paper sheet music can also be digitized by using an easy to use scanning and conversion program.

MusicReader runs on Apple iPad, Mac, and all Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 laptops and desktops. It is especially designed for the use of pen and touch screens, such as on Tablet PCs and Apple iPad. MusicReader also offers a variety of hardware options to make the use of the software even more convenient.

In the music library of MusicReader you can store your sheet music and find it easy and fast. The music can be categorized according to title, composer, genre, instrument and instrumentation.

Ith MusicReader you always have your complete music library at your fingertips! The library also has playlist support so you can make lists of pieces for rehearsals and performances.

Turn Pages
With MusicReader you can turn pages in several ways:
1.Using onscreen navigation buttons
2.By pressing a special foot pedal
3.Using arrow or page up/down keys of your keyboard or hotkey buttons on your laptop
4.By pressing on the sheet music by finger or pen (device dependent)
5.Use the page turn timer for automatic page turns

With these options there is always a convenient way to turn pages!

Half Page Turn
MusicReader can turn halves of pages to make it easier to play without interruption. Depending on the music you can choose either half or whole page turns.

Easily browse and/or search through the music and select a page to view it.

On the sheet music you can make annotations in multiple colors and line widths. It is also possible to draw predefined symbols and highlight certain locations in the music. All annotation can be erased without traces.

MusicReader can zoom in on the music.This allows you for example to make detailed annotations or read the music more easily.

The sheet music can be displayed in full size without any bars and/or menus on screen, making the music optimally readable.

2 Pages Display
View two pages of music on one screen.

Half Page Display
With half page display the page it split in two parts. These parts are displayed as separate pages.In this way you can use a portait mode screen to display the music larger then in one or two page display.

This feature is especially suitable for sight impaired musicians.

Tune your instrument while viewing the sheet music. The tuner can generate tones or listen to what you play. Multiple pitches and notes are supported.

Multiple tempos and beats are possible with the buillt-in metronome. For some music the metronome can even follow the sheet music and turn pages automatically.

Music Player
The onscreen music player can play audio CDs and music files. You can use it to play along with a recording or for studying the music. For some sheet music the music player can even follow the music and turn pages automatically.

Sound Recorder
With the sound recorder you can record and play your performances and save them in multiple formats.

Scan Music
Existing sheet music can be scanned and converted to MusicReader format. Quality enhancements are automatically applied to all scans for improved readability.

Import Files
MusicConvert can read manu formats, like PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF Formats.
The software also contains a Batch PDF Conversion feature.

Printer Driver
Print digital music directly from file or website to convert it to MusicReader file format. In this way all types of digital sheet music can be used by MusicReader.

Specify the features of the music such as title, composer and genre. With this information the music can easily be archived in the MusicReader library.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer AIRTURN
System Requirements (Windows) Requires Windows XP/Vista/7
System Requirements (Mac) Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Downloads (Windows)
Downloads (Mac)


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