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  • KSA7575 Universal Keyboard Mic Adapter

    Attach this universal adapter to your keyboard stand and make mic-ing your vocals much more within reach! Fits ANY keyboard stand with either 1” or 30mm round or square tubing. For use with any standard mic boom, clip, or gooseneck. The compact design saves on space, and there is no need for extra mic stands – leaving more room on the stage. KSA7575 now also comes with a “cork-style” end cap. Learn More

  • Lanen RSL Ribbon Stereo Mic

    These ribbon mics boast a modern design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. They’re perfect for smaller studios, home studio users and musicians. Learn More

  • Lanen ST1 Condenser Mic

    The ST1, based on the STC-3D and providing the same features and quality of sound, is a multipurpose electrostatic studio/live mic equipped with a low cut filter and attenuator.
    It will make sure you are able to keep on top of all your live recordings: voice, percussion, guitar, piano, atmospheric, brass, etc. Learn More

  • Lanen STC 3D Condenser Mic

    Versatile voice/instrument microphone for studio or for live situations, with a high pass filter and a 10 dB fade margin for an immediate response in any situation. With its smoothness and neutrality, it will let you achieve an extremely effective sound pickup. Learn More

  • Loopa Looper Microphone

    A looper microphone works just like a normal microphone, but lets you record what you sing, replay it in a loop and sing over it. Learn More

  • LSM3 Live Dynamic Cardiod Microphone

    Part of MXL's Live Series Collection, the MXL LSM-3 is a well-rounded, versatile microphone. Learn More

  • MBA28 28″ Microphone Boom Arm

    Samson's MBA28 Microphone Boom Arm is the perfect microphone accessory for any radio, podcast or home studio setup. Learn More

  • MBA38 38″ Microphone Boom Arm

    Samson's MBA38 Microphone Boom Arm is the perfect microphone accessory for any radio, podcast or home studio setup. Learn More

  • MXL 770X Microphone

    Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Package Learn More

  • Pop Screen

    The unique metal screen not simply perforated but louvered at a slight angle to redirect ultra-low frequency breath blasts and to the side of the screen. This process does not attenuate high frequencies as do fabric screens and leaves the vocal performance unaffected, and without annoying low frequency "pops". Learn More

  • PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone

    The PRM1 Precision Reference Microphone is a special type of microphone that provides an accurate reproduction of a room's sound characteristics for use with audio-analysis tools. Learn More

  • Q4

    A versatile tool in the recording studio, the Q4 is a workhorse microphone perfect for a number of applications. As the Q4 is equipped to handle high SPLs, it allows live vocals to sound huge and crystal clear, but it is also great for closing miking instruments such as snare drums, guitar amps and more. Learn More

  • Q7x

    Samson's Q7x Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone is the ultimate workhorse, providing exceptional sound reproduction for live and studio vocal and instrument performances. Learn More

  • Quadmic II

    Excellent signal/noise ratio, lowest harmonic distortions and wide gain range make the QuadMic II a first choice for superior studio recordings. QuadMic II is battery powerable and thus excellent for remote applications.

    Learn More

  • R144 Small Ribbon Microphone

    Incorporating a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon, the MXL R144 offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings and is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. Learn More

Items 31 to 45 of 74 total

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