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  • KB8802R Rosewood Keyboard And Piano Bench

    On Stage Stands’ KB8802R Rosewood Keyboard Bench features a durable, quality wood construction, and a beautiful Rosewood finish. The dark rosewood finish and classic style compliment any name brand digital or acoustic piano. The design combines a 1.5” cushion with strategic air vents, providing deluxe comfort for hours of play. The KB8802R is an excellent choice for solid support and classic style. Learn More

  • KB8902B Flip-top Keyboard Bench

    On Stage Stands’ Flip-Top Keyboard Bench is made with a durable, quality wood construction. The KB8902B’s design combines a 1.5” cushion, which provides deluxe comfort for hours of play, with a flip-top seat, which provides storage space for music books and other music accessories. Learn More

  • KS7150 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

    An extremely strong stand! This fully adjustable model is a great choice for musicians who need support for large keyboards, heavy vintage electric pianos or DJ gear. The KSA7500 Universal 2nd Tier unit can be attached, making this a 2-tier stand! Learn More

  • KS7350 Compact Keyboard Stand

    Think VERSATILITY! Only this compact stand can hold 375 lbs., allow for independent height and width adjustments, and fold for easy storage. The unique Z-frame allows playing from either side and can be broken down and locked together for transport. This model can hold 55-key keyboards in the compact position and up to 88-key keyboards at its maximum width. Learn More

  • KS7365-EJ 2 Tier Keyboard Stand

    Truly professional. Truly heavy-duty. This stand allows for independent height and width adjustments and can hold 2 keyboards, yet folds into a space smaller than most keyboard cases. It was created with the help of some of the most discriminating keyboard professionals in the world, and now any musician can get onstage with this impressive stand! Learn More

  • KS7903 3 Tier Keyboard Stand

    Sturdy, secure 3 tier support for your keyboards. This versatile stand lets you adjust the height and playing angle of all 3 keyboards until they’re just right for playing standing or seated. 3 Tiers with 3 pairs of support bars. Perfect for multi-keyboard setups. Lightweight and easy to transport. Learn More

  • KS8191 Lok-Tight Classic Double-X Keyboard Stand

    Same features and design as KS7191, with Lok-Tight construction. 200 lbs. capacity. Learn More

  • KS8390X Lok-tight Single-X Stand With Quiksqueeze Trigger

    The QuikSQUEEZE exemplifies innovative solution. Adjusting the keyboard height is as easy as a squeeze! And, the steel reinforced clutch, combined with the Lok-Tight construction means that this stand can hold more weight, while keeping your keyboard safe. Learn More

  • KSA7500 Tilting Tier Addition Keyboard Stand

    With its universal mounting attachment, this tilting tier should be everyone’s first choice for adding multiple keyboards to any X and Z-style keyboard stand. This universal unit can be stacked on top of a 2-tier stand... making it a 3-tier stand! KSA7500 now also comes with two “cork-style” end caps. Learn More

  • KSA7575 Universal Keyboard Mic Adapter

    Attach this universal adapter to your keyboard stand and make mic-ing your vocals much more within reach! Fits ANY keyboard stand with either 1” or 30mm round or square tubing. For use with any standard mic boom, clip, or gooseneck. The compact design saves on space, and there is no need for extra mic stands – leaving more room on the stage. KSA7575 now also comes with a “cork-style” end cap. Learn More

  • KSB-6500 Keyboard Stand Bag

    A must for every roadie, this rugged, heavy-duty bag is made with padded nylon and includes two hand-straps for a well-balanced load. Two internal Velcro straps hold KS7365 support bar. Also comes with a heavy-gauge, two-pull zipper, so the bag can be unzipped lengthwise from the center. Deluxe corded piping gives the bag its rigid shape. Learn More

  • KT7800 Three-position X-style Bench

    This three-position X-style bench is both affordable and perfect for fold-and-go use. The KT7800 is lightweight yet durable enough to hold up to 300 lbs. Its all-purpose appeal makes it a great choice for those looking to buy a basic bench for gigs, the studio, or home. Learn More

  • KT7800+ Deluxe X-style Keyboard Bench

    The design of the KT7800+ deluxe x-style keyboard bench combines a 3” cushion, which provides deluxe comfort for hours of play, with a spring-loaded double deadbolt locking system, which provides deluxe safety for peace of mind. The KT7800+ safely supports up to 360 lbs. Learn More

  • LPT6000 Multi-purpose Laptop Stand

    A light and portable stand ideal for holding your laptop, CD Player/controller, EFX machine, or lighting controller. This versatile stand can stand alone on any flat surface for quick and easy set-up. Or, you can clamp it to virtually any table, rack case, or other DJ equipment. Features 4 easy line-it-up height adjustments, 3 pre-set widths and an angled platform with front bumpers. Learn More

  • WS7500B Workstation

    WS7500 series Workstations are perfect for the home studio! These workstations are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and work efficiency. Learn More

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