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Electronic Drums

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  • Alesis SR-16

    As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the SR-16 has been used by everyone from songwriters to live performers to remix engineers as their drum machine of choice. Learn More

  • Alesis SR-18

    Alesis knows drums. Our SR-16 has dominated the drum machine market since 1990 and continues to be in demand today. Learn More

  • BeatBuddy Mini Personal Drummer

    Bring the drummer right into your home with the BeatBuddy Mini — effortlessly insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits, throw in drum breaks, and more, to create an unprecedented live drummer effect — all with the simple ease of a guitar pedal format. Learn More

  • Carlsboro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

    With renowned CD quality and durability, a new era of electronic percussion has been born. Setting new standards are the new Digital Drums which look great and sound superb. Learn More

  • Command Kit

    This eight-piece electronic drum kit features an exclusive Alesis mesh snare and mesh kick (patent pending) that deliver an authentic drumming experience. Learn More

  • CompactKit 4

    The Alesis CompactKit 4 is a tabletop electronic drum kit with everything a young drummer needs to sharpen their skills on their way to stardom! Four velocity-sensitive drum pads deliver realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums. Learn More

  • CompactKit 7

    The Alesis CompactKit 7 is a tabletop electronic drum kit with seven velocity-sensitive drum pads that deliver realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums. Learn More

  • DMPad 12" Hi-Hat

    This natural-feeling rubber hi-hat pad has the feel you're used to and almost none of the noise of an acoustic cymbal. It works with virtually all electronic drum modules and devices and mounts on most cymbal stands and mounts. You can use it with any continuous or open/closed hi-hat control pedal. Learn More

  • DMPad 8" Single-Zone Pad

    This velocity-sensitive drum pad gives you natural dynamic response with a soft, rubber head for realistic feel and rebound. It works with virtually all e-percussion modules and devices including th DM6, DM5, Trigger|iO, and ControlPad. Learn More

  • DRP100 Electronic Drum Reference Headphones

    Electronic Drum Reference Headphones Professional Monitoring for the Electronic Drummer The Alesis DRP100 electronic drum reference headphones incorporate accurate sound reproduction and extreme audio isolation for monitoring electronic drum kits in the studio, during practice, and on the stage. Learn More

  • Forge Kit

    The Alesis Forge Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything you need to play like a pro. It features an 11” dual-zone snare and three 8” tom pads for great feel and natural response Learn More

  • HD-3 Portable Electronic Drum Kit

    The Hitman HD-3 portable electronic drum kit has a compact footprint and a folding drum frame design to allow for quick setup, break down and maximum portability. It is the perfect kit for the drummer on the move and for small areas. If space and portability are a concern, then the HD-3 is designed especially for you. Learn More

  • HD-M1 Drum Monitor

    This unit offers excellent sound reproduction that provides a very realistic audio experience for both practice and performance. - See more at: Learn More

  • Hitman Drum-1

    This super-compact electronic drum kit by Hitman Jr. has a powerful Drum module, pre-mounted sensitive drum pads and an all-in-one configuration. The DRUM1 module sets a firm, digital foundation with 10 pre-programmed drum kits, 193 individual drum sounds, 10 play along song styles, and song recorder. Learn More

  • Hitman HD-10 Digital Drums

    The HD-10 Electronic Drum Set offers a full featured performance kit matched with excellent sound and features. The Drum Module is packed with dynamic acousta realism drum voices and onboard extras. Each type of pad is controlled by its own velocity curve to provide a dynamic and consistent response. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 27 total

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