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The KETRON SD60 arranger keyboard has a large library of more than 300 styles, 61 keys and offers quality sounds.

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The KETRON SD60 arranger keyboard has a large library of more than 300 styles, 61 keys, amplified 2 x 20W, inherited from its predecessor the SD9, and offers quality sounds.

  • The SD60 offers 2 new "Grand" classical and modern stereo pianos but also an excellent digital vintage piano.
  • Contains a great sound library, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, synths and also an organ with controllable leslie and many other sounds.
  • Incorporates over 250 new acoustic and electronic drum sounds into rhythmic loops and over 400 Latin percussion grooves. The system is compatible with the Audya which allows you to import new sounds into the SD60. 
  • A vast library of more than 100 new sounds of audio guitars associated with the drums and the basses, assures you a musical realism in your pieces.
  • A large library of more than 300 audio styles with 4 variations, 4 fills, 4 breaks and 3 Intro / Final are composed with 1 drum sound, bass, 5 accompaniments, and 3 variations.
  • Equipped with an XLR input with gain control and effects such as Reverb, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Compressor, Pitch Shift with 10 presets + 10 users.
  • The vocalizer allows to harmonize your voice on 4 channels (Voicetron) and to be controlled by the arranger, the LeadVoice or a midifile sequence.


  • Keyboard 61 notes amplified 
  • Polyphony of 128 notes, 48 parts of multitimbrality
  • L ed screen color tft 7 ", sensitive 800x480 pixels, adjustable brightness
  • Player : Recognized files: Wav, Midi, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.
  • Multimedia player functions : Marker, sync / next, autoplay, lead mute, GM part, lyric off, cross fade, file search, play list, my folder, transpose, time stretching, metronome click, midi multimix, song drum restyle.
  • Multitrack Player : 5 + 1 Audio
  • ukeBox : PlayList, my folders, SFX special effects
  • Movies and Photos : Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, karaoke background, RGB, pic / pop, autoshow, Dvi: video monitor out, karaoke lyric / Mirror
  • Menu : Disk, midi, play modes, audio edit, language, footswitch, preferences, controls, video, reg, set up, Arabic mode, micro / Vocal, mic2 / Guitar, juke box, DSP, records
  • Media : Internal storage: 16Gb SSD, USB: 3 x Host + 1 x device, SD cards
  • Sound generator : 668 GM sounds, 5 sound banks, voice list, 48 drum sets + stereo special kit, live drum modeling.
  • Channels : 368 preset voices, new stereo grand piano, 368 user voice, 2nd voice, V-tone, double up / down, harmony, EFX insert, voice editing.
  • Arranger : 260 full audio drum and groove styles, user style section, midi drum mixer & remap, 4 arrange ABCD, 4 fill, 4 break, 3 intro, 3 ending, drum, groove, bass, chords 1-5, lower 1 -2, auto fill, fill to fix, to end, reintro, key start, key stop, restart, count in, drum boost, 4 voice set, voice to ABCD, voice & vari, 5 user tabs, V-tone.
  • Modes : Pianist (Auto-standard), bassist (Easy, expert), manual bass, bass to lowest.
  • Style Modeling : Interactive modeling library with massive audio drums, bass, Latin groove, piano, guitar and orchestral templates.
  • Game modes : aster keyboard, accordion style, classic accordion, guitar mode with Efx (thru input).
  • Registrations : 4 bank x 1024 regs, full panel and function programming
  • DSP : ype: chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, delay echo, tap delay, equalizer, distortion, simulator amp, compressor, filter, EFX insert (54 types), 10 programmable insert chains.
  • Recording : HD recording: 1 stereo track, loop, audio edit with cut, normalize, midi recording, phrase and song.
  • Mic input: LR input, gain control, volume, reverb, micro on / off edit, talk.
  • Voicetron : 3 voice vocalizer, 10 voicetron presets + 10 user.
  • User manual in the module in HTML
  • MIDI: n1 (Gm), In2 (Keyb), out, thru, midi setup: standard, computer & sequencer, keyboard right, accordion, player, style.
  • Outputs : Left / Right stereo, pedal volume, micro out.
  • Guitar or micro2 inputs
  • Headphone output, separate outputs that can be assigned to the battery, bass or click
  • Options : pedal 6 or 13 effects, volume pedal, sustain pedal cover and case
  • 9V / 4A power supply
  • Dimensions : 110.5x 13.5 x 40cm
  • Weight : 19 Kg

Product Details

Product Details

Platform Hybrid (Mac and PC)
Manufacturer KETRON


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