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Special Offers for MUN Students

Welcome MUN Students!

To take advantage of your special pricing, please add Finale or Print Music to your card, and then enter your coupon code (MUN-PrintMusic for $10 off Print Music and MUN-Finale for $30 off Finale) and in the shopping cart.  You can also order by phone at 1-888-562-8822 and mention that you are a MUN student.

Get the most from Finale or Print Music!

Consider adding one of the USB MIDI Keyboards below to your order to make note entry fast and easy.

Eliminate latency!
Latency or the delay between when you striked a key and when you hear the sound can be a problem in Finale or Print Music. Choose one of the following products to solve this problem, or check out our video on latency.

  • Purchase the GuitarFace II II below for low latency playback from Finale or Print Music
  • The AudioLink III also solves latency problems but includes a combo XLR - 1/4" input for recording from professional mics, guitars, keyboards and more!
  • The PianoBox II or PianoBox MINI sound modules mentioned in the latency article above are other great solutions to consider.

Need Help with Theory & Ear Training?

Check out Auralia for ear training, Musition for theory or get the money saving bundle with both! Click on the product names below for trial versions and special pricing!

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  • Guitarface II USB Audio Interface

    (Looking for the AudioFace II? The GuitarFace II is the direct replacement and will also fix any latency issues once you download and install the free ASIO driver for the GuitarFace II.) Need to record from mics or guitars? Want something portable and easy to use? This small, black aluminium USB audio-interface is the perfect solution for guitar and microphone recordings! Tired of delay with latency? Tracks not lining up? Soft synths not responsive? The GuitarFace II can fix that! Learn More

  • PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module

    The PianoBox Mini is a great way to add sound to your controller keyboard or eliminate latency when working with your computer. With a built in battery, the PianoBox Mini is the perfect portable General MIDI sound module! Want to use your USB MIDI keyboard without turning on your computer? The PianoBox Mini is the solution. Learn More

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