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Special Offers for Douglas College Students

Special Pricing plus free 2 Day Shipping on Pro Tools 12 & Sibelius 8:

  • To take advantage of your special pricing, please add the Pro Tools 12 & Sibelius 8 Academic Bundle to your cart, and then enter coupon code DouglasCollege in the shopping cart.  You can also order by phone at 1-800-510-4385 and mention the coupon code.
  • Sibelius & Pro Tools now includes a free year of support and upgrades from Avid!  Pro Tools 12 includes an iLok key and activation card.  You will download Pro Tools and Sibelius from the Avid website.  Please order the Sibelius Media Kit if you wish to receive the SIbelius DVDs.

Perpetual or Annual Subscription?

  • The Pro Tools 12 & Sibelius 8 Academic Bundle includes perpetual licenses.  This means you will receive free upgrades and support for one year.  After the year is over, you can continue to use the software but will not be eligible for support or upgrades unless you purchaes an annual contract.
  • You can also purchase a Sibelius 8 Annual Subscription and Pro Tools 12 Annual Subscriptions at a lower cost.  You will be able to use the software and receive free upgrades and support for one full year.  You will be required to renew your annual subscription if you wish to continue to use the software after the first year.

Get the most from Sibelius & Pro Tools

  • Consider adding one of the audio interfaces and USB MIDI keyboards below to your order to make Pro Tools sound better and note entry in Sibelius faster and easier!

Special Pricing on Ableton Live:

  • Use coupon code DCLive for Live 9 or coupon code DCLiveSuite for Live 9 Suite

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  • Pro Tools & Sibelius 2018 Academic Bundle

    Get Avid's Pro Tools Academic and Sibelius Academic along with one year of free upgrades and support from Avid. 

    Learn More

  • Ableton Live 10

    Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. Learn More
    From: $242.10

  • Ableton Live 10 Suite

    Ableton Live 10 Suite is the ultimate package for creative music production and performance. It includes the full range of Ableton software instruments and effects, many additional sound libraries and Max for Live. Learn More
    From: $404.10

  • Ableton Live 10 Intro

    Ableton Live Intro gives you the essentials of Ableton Live at a great price. Whether you're a talented newcomer or a seasoned professional, Live Intro has got what you need for writing songs, making beats, recording, remixing, DJing and performing your music live on stage. Learn More
    From: $99.00

  • Pro Tools Annual Subscription

    An affordable way to start using the industry standard Pro Tools, the Pro Tools Annual Subscription provides you with the latest version of Pro Tools, free upgrades and free support for one full year! You can renew at the end of the year to continue using Pro Tools. Learn More
    From: $99.00

  • Sibelius Ultimate - 1-year Subscription NEW

    Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, educators, and students alike.

    With this low-cost subscription, you get all of the features of Sibelius, plus free upgrades and support for one full year.

    Learn More
    From: $60.00

  • Ableton Push 2 Controller with Live 10 Intro

    Push is an instrument that puts everything you need to make music in one place, at your fingertips. Learn More

  • PianoBox USB

    The PianoBox USB General MIDI Sound Module includes 128 realistic sounding instruments, 9 drum sets, a sound effects set and 100 drum patterns. Ideal for use with keyboards, your computer, or as a stand alone drum machine, the PianoBox provides an easy way to get realistic playback with zero latency. With the Pianobox USB every masterkeyboard changes to a complete synthesizer! Just connect your guitar to the instrument input and make your own session with the 100 drumpatterns inside the Pianobox II! Learn More

  • Garagekey Groove Mini Controller Keyboard

    The ideal small control center for any music software, the Garagekey Groove includes a keyboard, faders, knobs and drum pads! Perfect for travel, the GarageKey Mini is compact and perfectly equipped for every requirement. An excellent value, the GarageKey Groove includes a software bundle from MidiTech. Learn More
    From: $85.00

  • Studiophile AV42

    Upgrade your sound with the AV42 monitor speakers from M-Audio. Learn More

  • Garagekey Mini 37 USB Midi Keyboard

    Need a really small keyboard for travelling or something that won't take up your entire desk? The Garagekey Mini is the perfect solution. With 37 mini keys, the GarageKey Mini offers more keys than other small keyboards so you can enter melodies, drum parts, monster chords or anything else with ease. Learn More

  • Guitarface II USB Audio Interface

    (Looking for the AudioFace II? The GuitarFace II is the direct replacement and will also fix any latency issues once you download and install the free ASIO driver for the GuitarFace II.) Need to record from mics or guitars? Want something portable and easy to use? This small, black aluminium USB audio-interface is the perfect solution for guitar and microphone recordings! Tired of delay with latency? Tracks not lining up? Soft synths not responsive? The GuitarFace II can fix that! Learn More

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $59.31

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