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Essentials Of Music Theory Vol 2 & 3

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The second and third volumes in Alfred's highly acclaimed theory series.

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This comprehensive software program covers all the material in the Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory book series and includes narration of new concepts, animation, exercises, games and ear training to motivate while strengthening musical skills. The most complete and enjoyable way to learn music!

Lessons and Exercises:
The Interactive Software includes narration, animated examples and clickable elements for aural reinforcement during the presentation of lesson material.

Exercise screens display an identifying bar at the right-hand side. Goals are set for each exercise, and points are awarded for each correct answer. The drills can be practiced repeatedly to build solid understanding of concepts. Questions are randomized to provide reinforcement of material without duplicating its sequence.

Ear Training:
Each series of lessons and exercises is followed by a section of ear training.

The ear training lessons built into each unit. Examples are performed with real, not synthesized instruments, and students have the opportunity to play the exercise several times to thoroughly understand what they are hearing.

At the end of each Unit is a Review of all topics covered.

Students are scored on their performance during the Review session. The Educator Version of Essentials of Music Theory Software will track the scores of up to 200 students per volume, and also includes a custom test generator. When working in lab situations, students can save their results to a network location or onto disk, and the teacher can import their scores into the Educator Version.

Volume 2 - Lessons 26-50:

  •  Tetrachords and Major Scales 
  •  Key Signatures 
  •  Chromatic Scale 
  •  Intervals, Circle of Fifths 
  •  Perfect, Major and Minor Intervals 
  •  Augmented and Diminished Intervals 
  •  Solfege and Transposition 
  •  Sixteenth Notes and Rests 
  •  Dotted Eighth Notes and Eighth Note Triplets 
  •  Common Time and Cut Time 
  •  3/8 and 6/8 Time Signature 
  •  Pick-Up Notes and Syncopation 
  •  Primary and Major Triads 
  •  Scale Degree Names 
  •  V7 (Dominant 7th) Chord

Volume 3 - Lessons 51-75:

  •  1st and 2nd Inversions of Triads 
  •  Inversion of V7 Chords 
  •  Figured Bass 
  •  Major Chord Progressions 
  •  Minor Scales and Minor Triads 
  •  Augmented and Diminished Triads 
  •  Primary Triads in Minor Keys 
  •  Minor Chord Progressions 
  •  Modes 
  •  Harmonizing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys 
  •  Broken Chords and Arpeggiated Accompaniments 
  •  Passing and Neighboring Tones 
  •  Composing a Melody in Major and Minor Keys 
  •  12-Bar Blues Chord Progression and Blues Scale 
  •  Basic Forms of Music


  •  Amazing Custom Test feature now allows educators to create their own exams including their own questions. Use the feature to import engraved music jpegs  for a truly customizable exam. The program also keeps scores electronically and allows the educator to print them out**
  •  Include Alto or Tenor clef material in the student curriculum. Perfect for string teachers and students!
  •  MIDI compatibility on selected screens (keyboard or guitar). Select correct notes on the MIDI keyboard or guitar.
  •  New shortcut keys on the keyboard allow easy navigation through the program. Use the right arrow to advance a screen, use the letter keys to indicate a note  name for exercises, etc.
  •  Export student records in batch (Version 1.0 can only import in batch but not export in batch)**
  •  If a student tries to exit a Review before completing it they get a “Warning: your score will be lost if you exit the Review before completing it.”
  •  Ability to import a class list into the program. Say you have a class list of 700 students. Teachers don’t want to have to create 700 records in the program but  they may be able to generate an ASCII file to import into EMT.**
  •  Requires passing grade for advancement (optional). You can set a percentage for each individual that they must exceed for them to be allowed to go on to the  next level.**
  •  Ability to switch back and forth between full screen and windowed mode
  •  Ability to click on a button in the program to go directly to Alfred's website to download any Updates that may have been posted (patches, etc.)
  •  EMT is packaged in a redesigned box that looks more like the book series. There is a chart included on the box that details the difference between the student,  educator, lab pack and network versions.

Product Details

Product Details

Platform Hybrid (Mac and PC)
System Requirements (Windows)
  •  Windows XP, Vista or 7
  •  Intel Pentium 3 1GHz or faster
  •  400MB hard drive space, 512MB RAM 
  •  Speakers or headphones
System Requirements (Mac)
  •  Mac OS 10.4
  •  Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or Power PC (G4 1GHz or faster) 
  •  400MB hard drive space, 512MB RAM 
  •  Speakers or headphones


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