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Using Technology in Music Education

Kelly's Music & Computers is committed to helping teachers use technology in teaching music.  As music educators ourselves, we understand your needs.  We've designed this part of our site to help you - feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.  We are here for you!


Using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to Make Music
Using Portfolio Assessment in Music Education
Portable Digital Recorder Comparison
Teaching Music with Reason Curriculum Download
Using Technology to Record Student Performances (PDF)
Using Technology to Record Student Performances
Recordings of student performances are effective tools for providing instruction and assessment. Recording individuals, small groups and ensembles can be a motivating learning experience for students. Two methods for quickly and easily creating digital recordings include computer based recording and portable digital recorders.
Developing a Comprehensive, Integrated Long Term Music Technology Plan
As the use of technology becomes more common in music education, it is important to develop a comprehensive approach for integrating technology into curricular goals.
Comparing Sibelius Student Edition and Print Music
Interactive Musician Review
Developing a Comprehensive, Integrated Long Term Music Technology Plan (PowerPoint Presentation)
Using Technology to Develop Theory & Aural Skills
Ideas for using technology to help develop theory and aural skills.
Using Technology to Teach Creativity
Ideas for using technology to teach creativity in music education
Using Computers in Music Education - What Hardware Do I Need?
Ideas on the hardware you will need to use technology in music education.
Using Technology to Teach Music Appreciation
Ideas on using technology to teach music appreciation.
Using Tablet PC's in Music Education
How Can I Use Technology in my Band Program?
Proposal Kit for Using Technology in Music Education
Use this kit to generate a proposal for using technology in music education. Covers all grades and topics, and offers specific software and hardware recommendations for each area.
Getting Started with Technology in Music Education
Adresses three questions: Why should I use technology in music instruction, What can I do with music technology, and How do I get started.
MusicLab Harmony Review
A review of MusicLab Harmony Ear Training Program
MusicLab Melody Review
A review of MusicLab Melody Ear Training Program
Making More Music Review
Review of Making More Music
Rhythm Ace Review
A review of Rhythm Ace
Educational Applications of Band in a Box
Band in a Box is a versatile program for creating accompaniments. It is also a creative tool for writing music and an instructional tool for exploring various elements of music.
Music Ace 1 Review
A review of Music Ace 1 by Kelly's Music & Computers.


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