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  • ZAP Upgrade: Zynaptiq Audio Processors Upgrade from UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP, or PITCHMAP to ZAP

    This specially priced upgrade version of ZAP requires that you own UNVEIL, UNFILTER, UNCHIRP, or PITCHMAP to ZAP.

    Learn More

  • Unveil

    UNVEIL is a real-time, de-mixing based plug-in that allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal of any channel count, including mono sources, as well as modifying reverb characteristics. Additionally, UNVEIL allows you to bring the key features of a recording into focus, or move them to the background, by attenuating or boosting perceptionally less important signal components. Based on our proprietary, artificial intelligence based MAP (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) technology, UNVEIL allows fixing previously unusable location audio and dialog, tightening up live music recordings, removing reverb and “mud” from musical signals, as well as creative sound design. Learn More
    From: $292.00

  • Studio Time

    Studio Time is a DirectX compatible plug-in pack for use in host applications such as audio editing or processing software. It consists of two plug-ins based on Acon Digital Media's unique time scale modification technology. StudioTime is a time scale modification plug-in for superb audio quality and StudioPitch is a pitch shift plug-in that allow pitch shifts with or without tempo change and with optional timbre preservation. Learn More

  • Studio Neccesities

    Studio Necessities is a DirectX compatible plug-in pack for use in host applications such as multi-track audio editing or processing software. Learn More

  • Studio Clean

    Studio Clean is a DirectX compatible plug-in suite for use in host applications such as audio editing or processing software. Learn More

  • SpectraLayers Pro 5

    SpectraLayers Pro transforms sound into a unique multidimensional visual world of audio data. Outstanding program design, a high-performing audio engine and seamless integration with other DAWs makes SpectraLayers Pro one of the world’s most revolutionary spectral editing platforms on the market. Learn More
    From: $200.00

  • SoundSoap 5

    The Simplest Way to Fix Audio Problems. Affordable audio cleaning for everyone. Learn More

  • Quantum Leap Spaces

    QUANTUM LEAP SPACES from EASTWEST is a 24-bit, true stereo. convolution reverb that sets a new standard by utilizing new impulse recording techniques developed over the past seven years. Learn More
    From: $149.25

  • Pitchmap

    PITCHMAP is the world's first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time. It lets you change the melodies and harmonies of any recording by simply playing your own on a MIDI keyboard or creating a pitch map using our stream-lined GUI, and optionally corrects any tuning issues at the same time. As if that weren't enough, PITCHMAP provides functions to remove or extract individual sounds from a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations to your audio. In short, it is an inspiring musical instrument, a precision corrective tool and the only processor that literally lets you shape music with your hands. Learn More
    From: $292.00

  • Mic Mod EFX

    Now the Mics You Own Can Sound Like the Mics You Wish You Owned. If you've ever wished for an extensive collection of exotic mics (but shuddered at the cost), then Mic Mod EFX is the plug-in for you. Learn More
    From: $99.00

  • Melodyne Essential 4

    The entry-level Melodyne. Melodyne 4 essential contains Melodyne’s Main Tool for the basic editing of pitch and timing, thereby offering a particularly simple and economical entry into the world of Melodyne. Learn More

  • Melodyne Editor 4

    The single-track Melodyne. Melodyne 4 editor offers you all the key Melodyne functions for the correction and creative editing of individual tracks. Including DNA Direct Note Access for polyphonic audio and ultra-precise tempo-detection and -editing. Learn More
    From: $389.00

  • Melodyne 4 Assistant Upgrade from Melodyne Essential

    Melodyne 4 Assistant Upgrade from Melodyne Essential Learn More

  • Harmony Engine Evo

    From the company that revolutionized professional vocal production with Auto-Tune pitch correction technology, comes Harmony Engine Evo, the second generation of Antares' real-time harmony generating plug-in that puts professional-quality vocal harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer. Learn More
    From: $199.00

  • Avox 4

    The AVOX 4 Antares Vocal Toolkit combines 11 of Antare's state-of-the-art vocal processing plug-ins to give you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style, as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications. All at a substantial savings over purchasing the plug-ins separately. Learn More
    From: $349.00

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