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MP3 and CD Production

MP3 and CD Production
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Create your own MP3's, or burn your own audio CDs or DVDs. These can even include a mix of music and multimedia. If you are creating a CD of your own music to sell, it can be fun to put a small multimedia program with information about yourself and your music on it. For the highest quality playback, consider taking your 24/96 recordings and burning them to DVD-A for playback in DVD-A devices.  
What To Look For When Buying MP3 and CD Production
Determine if you need to record compressed MP3's, CDs or DVD-A and purchase a program that supports the formats you require. The small file size of MP3's make it easy to share over the Internet, but aren't the best sonic quality. A CD retains sonic quality while being universally playable. DVD-A is a new format that offers much higher sonic quality (up to 24 bit, 96 Khz) but requires a DVD-A player for playback.
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