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  • MusicLab RealEight

    MusicLab is proud to present the RealEight virtual guitar instrument, the ideal guitar for creating lead, rhythm riff, and even bass tracks in your future rock and metal masterpieces! New RealEight 4 now got full-featured chording/strumming engine letting you successfully use it in a wide range of rock and pop music styles as well! Learn More

  • MPK261 Performance Keyboard Controller

    Engineered to be an all-in-one controller solution, the Akai Professional MPK261 is a performance pad and keyboard controller that combines deep software integration, enhanced workflow, and core technologies from the iconic line of MPC workstations. Learn More

  • MPC Live

    The MPC Live makes the process of performing your studio inventions on stage incredibly seamless by combining the power of a production centerpiece with the portability and rugged design of an on stage workhorse. Learn More

  • Drumcore 3

    DrumCore combines name-brand drummer content (in both audio and MIDI formats) with a unified search engine, letting you search, select and export files into your audio workstation in nothing flat. DrumCore even helps you manage your own loop libraries. It's perfect for producers and composers who need to find great drum parts quickly in a multitude of styles. Learn More
    From: $199.00

  • The Ultimate Collection Of Violin Concertos, Sonatas, Methods & Studies

    CD Sheet Music will allow you to own a library of music for your favorite instrument that rivals the great collections of the world. Learn More

  • Band In A Box Mac

    Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program for your multimedia computer. You can hear and play along to many song ideas and go from "nothing" to "something" in a very short period of time with Band-in-a-Box as your "on demand" backup band. Learn More
    From: $40.00

  • Ketron SD5 + USB Drive

    The SD5 presents the best of both worlds - outstanding and realistic sounds and styles plus renovative features usually found in higher-end musical instruments but now in an affordable 61 key portable keyboard with a great on-board 22W/ch speaker system with Bass boost. Learn More

  • Reason 10

    Reason 10 is here with a rackload of new synths, instruments, samples and more. Learn More
    From: $299.00

  • UniK 05+

    The uniK 05+ is the result of extensive development work performed in Germany, defining a new quality level in its class. Learn More

  • Ableton Live 10

    Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. Learn More
    From: $242.10

  • UniK 08+

    The uniK 08+ is the result of extensive development work performed in Germany, to provide a professional active reference monitor that defines a new level of quality in its class. Learn More

  • Notion 6

    Your Vision, from Page to Stage Notion 6: Music Composition and Performance Environment Learn More

  • MPX16

    MPX16 is an advanced sample player with sixteen backlit velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads. Learn More

  • Impact LX 88+

    The Impact LX88+ is a unique USB MIDI controller keyboard designed for keyboard players looking for extra reach. It's jam-packed with intelligent, expressive performance control and hooks up automatically to your DAW! If you prefer to control MIDI hardware, use the build-in MIDI Out as well as the extensive MIDI programing options. Impact LX88+ does it all, and more. Learn More

  • Audya

    The KETRON state-of-the-art AUDYA represents the next generation of contemporary Entertainment keyboards, featuring a top-quality sound engine, a powerful Audio Multiplayer, revolutionary and unique solutions in the Auto Accompaniment industry, and the capability to interact with the outside world through multiple multimedia capability. Learn More

Items 61 to 75 of 121 total

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